Day 15–28th Sept Cruise (at Sea)

Relaxed morning today, at Sea till tomorrow morning – time to chillex and enjoy the ship facilities a bit.

Finally a chance to have breakfast without the rush and watch the ship sailing out of Amsterdam to the sea. Did not realise how far in the port had been, took us close to 2 hours to reach the open seas.

Breakfast done, than the gang were down to the swimming pool area, some of the girls were heading to the pool, whilst the boys were taking part in the table tennis comp, followed by Salsa dance classes in another bar area – all this before lunch!

Table tennis comp was not that great for me, Dian and Prashil, we all got knocked out! The good news though, Doc won the comp!!

Next at Tiger Bar for the Salsa dance classes, time to learn some Salsa moves! Neha & Pooja had a  great time in that class, coming to midday, they announced Bingo was happening next, had not played that in ages, plus the added incentive – first prize of 25,000 EURO!! Bought three tickets, Neha, Pooja and Priya were managing my tickets, pity though, we missed first price by two numbers Sad smile.


Around lunch time we realised the other families were missing, unable to find them, headed to lunch at non-buffet restaurant, food was so so, however they did have good desserts!
Something that is very frustrating is the inability for us to contact others! Unless you subscribed to the onboard wifi, there really was no chance of communications !! Next time we should bring in walkie talkies!!

Time for all my girls to head to the beauty section, hair time!

Whilst ladies were getting pampered, I headed to the pool desk to locate the others, found them at the rear of the ship on the top deck playing futsal! It was super windy and COLD! Joined in, in less than 15 minutes I was super stuffed! Post that I was walking around rather than running (my normal gameWinking smile).


It was dress up night again tonight, all back to the rooms and decided to meet in the lounge, then heading to the Oriental restaurant for dinner at 8pm.

A few drinks waiting to get portraits done with the professionals, and did we all get a lot of pics!


Pics done, time for Dinner at the Oriental. This place was amazing and had great dishes. Everyone enjoyed this immensely after the last few nights of bland food! Made a point of coming here again before the cruise finished.

A few more drinks at the bar and then calling it a night.
Tomorrow morning was Hamburg, we all wanted to be out of the ship by 9am.


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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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