May 27th – Paris

(I have been so lazy – finally finding some time to finish this blog before our next trip)

Early start today, headed out to Trocadero to take self Portraits with Eiffel Tower as the backdrop.

Got there early before 6am to avoid crowds – shocked to see the top level all boarded up :(. Oh no! This place is supposed to provide the best angle of pics but it was covered with wooden fences – some sort of maintenance going on.
Down the stairs and got lucky with a good vantage point. Time to setup my tripod and we got some good pics.

Next we headed to our other fav vantage point for Eiffel pics – Rue de la universite. Being so early, there was only one couple being photographed and they we soon finishing off – lucky!!

That was enough photography, time to head back to the hotel to change and head out for some breaky.
Getting back to the hotel was easy , but getting into our room not so! Our room key card was not working, went down to get it checked and the lady gave me a new card and said I must have put it next to a phone or something.
Anyways, second card still no luck. Went down again and she said it cannot be, and was getting annoyed at me. Gave me another card and the same thing. Went down and told her about the issue. So she came up and tried herself and as expected – same issue – door would not open. At that point she blamed us that we had locked it from inside :(. She brought in some automated door master key unit to open the door, but that also failed. By this time Nita was getting panicky and worried, and not making the situation any better was the lady still blaming us. At this point I lost my cool and started going off at the and how her manager need to sort this shit out and she needs to learn how to talk. She was soon in tears (OMG what had I done 😦 ). Her manager soon arrived and was super apologetic, had us seated in the breakfast area to get some thing to eat whilst they sorted the door. It was another hour before the door was finally opened and we could get in. What an ordeal but it was not fixed just opened. We were promised it would be fixed by the afternoon. Well atleast our room was accessible. We got freshened and headed out towards Galleries Lafayette – that was a good place to cheer up Nita.

Browsing around and for lunch we ate at the top level food court which had the most amazing asian stir frys! Shared a Chicken Egg Plant stirfry- this would have to be the best stirfry to date!! Wow.

From there we headed to Champs Élysées – never get tired of that place. Walked about and came to Arc De Triomphe. Well why not, did not have much else to do, lets take a walk up those stairs!

Had been a long day and we opted for an early dinner, where else but back to where we had our last most fond memories – Les Halles, @ the La Perla Italian.
Uber’d there, place was much more busier this time around, at the La Perla restaurant, we got a table with no delays. Food arrived and whilst it did look good , unfortunately the same could not be said about the taste. It was not the same as what we had in 2017. Plus the service that we had received previously was not to that level, maybe it was the new staff members ??? Still not a bad meal. Decided to skip dessert and walked in the alleyways.
Nita had to grab an ice cream and take the same pic she did in 2017.

Bit more walking around and headed back to the hotel, surprised to find goodies left behind for us, hotel were sorry for the inconvenience caused with us being locked out earlier today, nice way to end the day 🙂

Hotel provided some goodies to make up for us being locked out of our room

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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