May 31st – 5th June – Paris – Hamburg – Flight back to Brisbane

(Finally completing the blogs for my EU work visit that included some sights on the side! …. only 6 months+ late)

The next fews days were mainly at work and as there was not much happening other than random sights – am compiling them in one post with a lot of pics (honestly I cannot remember much – it is over 6 months back!! )

Paris to Hamburg – 31st May

Last day of work in Paris and we were on an evening flight to Hamburg. Dinner was in the Schipol Lounge – this was much better than the restaurant options on airside.

Reached Hamburg past 9pm and taxi to our Hotel was without incident.
Arriving at the Hotel, it appeared more like a small boutique place – big difference from the last time I was here at the Westin.
However was pleasantly surprised when entering the room – infact blown away, the most amazing rooms with the biggest bathrooms and the most comfortable beds. The bed was heaven, so much needed after the long day we had.
Highly recommend staying at the “Sir Nikolai” hotel. Such a nice place.


Breakfast at the Hotel was great – they offered a very personalised service. The lady incharge of the breakfast had made a good acquaintance with both Nita and I and from Day 2 was very much looking after us and even had our favourite fried eggs cooking as we were getting seated – super impressed with the service.
Next fews days it was me at work which was a mere 10 mins walk away and Nita had a chance to roam about and take in Hamburg city sights and shopping districts!

With the late sunsets, I had loads of time in the evenings to roam about and see places with Nita.

Hamburg had been a good short visit – whilst we did not have a full weekend here, the evenings were great and we did end up having some nice eats!!

Flight back to Brisbane was interesting- Getting to the airport , we had given ourselves 3 hours and thought that would be enough – well it was just enough which included running to the gates!
The queues at the airport were huge , but worse was the Emirate checkin counters, only 2 counters for a massive lineup – add to that AU government deciding to introduce Digital Passenger attestation – only found out about that when I reached the counter. From there it was a mad rush to get forms filled , checking in, immigration and then running to the gates.
A super hectic and a very unpleasant experience to end this trip…. still lets not spoil the entire trip on one bad moment – it had been an amazing working visit and Nita had a great relaxing time.
A bonus on the way back – we had an extra seat – can stretch those legs!!

And that brings to close a great 3 weeks of work travel with a side sightseeing. We covered Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Paris & Hamburg – grateful to be associated with a great company – Domino’s Pizza Enterprises!! Till our next trip – Auf Wiedersehen

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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