Mumbai Day 11 – 15 (21 – 25th Jan)

Signs of laziness creeping in and forcing myself to finish blog for India visit in Jan. Since not much was happening during the last few days, am combining it all into one blog, hoping I do not miss anything…..

The next fews days was all about just chilling, watching movies and trying different foods, going for walks around Marine Drive, enjoying the Arabian Sunsets and obviously trying some amazing foods.

21st Jan

Today was a super relaxed day, first up was organising laundry with a local provider near by, they organised a pickup and drop off, offering full Laundry service including dry cleanings at a very small fraction of what hotels charge.
First stop today was Bhuleshwar – Nita wanted new outfits and jewellery for the Bhagwan murtis. Bhuleshwar took a good 2-3 hours.

Now off to Phoenix mall for some afternoon coffee – time to recharge.

Coffee time @ Phoenix Mall

Got back to the hotel and our laundry had arrived – amazing value for money and clothes were nicely pressed – NICE!!
Next to headup to the rooftop bar to enjoy the Arabian Sunset!

For dinner we decided to the Italian that was near Inox we had enjoyed heaps in our last trip….. sad when we reached there, the place had shut down!!! Closest thing was Pizza By Bay, decided to eat there. Food was good but nothing to scream about.

Pizza by Bay @ Marine Drive

22nd Jan

Today was the date of our Engagement Anniversary, there was one requirement from Nita, she wanted a good Chinese Indian fusion – she was off Indian cuisine for the whole trip – sure I could organise that!

First thing, off to a morning walk along the Marine drive. Lots of people on the walk.

Back at the hotel and Breakfast done.
First stop, midday movie at Inox to watch Ajay Devgans – Tanhaji.
It was funny to be the only persons in the cinema when we entered. Am glad a couple more people turned up.

Movie was great, next we headed to Colaba causway , always a great place to walk around. After a bit of shopping headed off the Cafe Indigo – behind the Taj Hotel – this place was one we visited multiple times in our last visit, could never fault it for a good snack & coffees.

It was then back to the hotel for a break, however not long after we headed out again – I wanted to take some dusk pics of the Churchgate Station – had not factored in the traffic – yikes!!! Still made it on time.

We walked around the streets a bit, lots of people and traffic. Both getting a bit tired, and it was dark – time for dinner. Had found Jia Oriental at Colaba, back to Colaba it was. Only found this place from Zomato, and it was a lucky pick – the best Fusion we have ever had – even better than Hakkassan. The Hot & Soup was to die for, most amazing dumplings and then the main stir fry – my only regret is we needed more people to allow us to try more of their menu!!! Unfortunately we did not even take any pics 😦 . If there is only one restaurant I recommend in Mumbai, I would put this on top – Jia Oriental @ Colaba!!

Finished off with a evening walk on Marine drive opp our hotel.

23 Jan

Today we were being tour guides to Nita’s mum and dad, they wanted to finish off some shopping and wanted Nita’s help and then we were all catching up for dinner with Dilip Kaka and Bharti Kaki.

First off to my morning walk. The marine drive walkways are always busy and something you do not tire off.

Back at the hotel, our breakfast staff knew us well by the third day, and knew my fav – sunny side eggs, they did this so well.
Next we booked an OLA to JW Marriott in JUHU – Nita had a hair saloon booking there. Whilst waiting, had a chance to take a pic with my fav reception crew, these folks helped us soo much, especially with the lost phone and all – just amazing.

Amazing crew at Intercontinental

We were then off to JW and to Nita’s hair saloon appointment.
Hair done…something I did not have to be too concerned with ;). we then met up with her parents and all headed out to Friendship at SantaCruz. Lots of familiar faces, had only been there a couple of days back, the mandatory Tea was provided soon and not long after the yummy Toasted Sandwiches!!! So love these!! No need for lunch when coming here.
Nita helped her mum with the shopping and racking up their bill 🙂 – all done, now what, we still had a good few hours before the dinner, we suggested trying out the Myrah Massage place in Juhu. This got her mum very interested. Called them and luckily they could accommodate all of us .. time to take the OLA there.

The Myrah session was great for all – a good hour resting was what we all needed. Now all rejuvenated, it was time to head out to Hakkassan, the timing was perfect.

Met up with Dilip Kaka & Bharti kaki, was good to catchup and an added bonus, with 6 people dining, we had a lot more options to try – yay!!
Soup as always was great as were all the other dishes. It was a great night, from there we all split up, Nita’s parents were heading to Novotel, Dilip Kaka was in another hotel and we were at Marine Drive in south.

Dinner at Hakkassan Mumbai

Got back to the Intercontinental and the first thing I noticed as I approached our room – the DO NOT MAKE was hanging on the door – I was like …OOOOHHH SHIT!!!! Opening the door, yep the room was not made at all, and it was not anyone to blame other than myself. And ofcourse Nita was not the happiest at the point. Called housekeeping about my stuff up and if I could get extra towels, they guy on the other line, knew our room and said he come around multiple times during the day to see if he could make the room but due to the DO NOT DISTURB he waited. Instead of simply offering us new towels, he actually offered to make the room if we simply gave him 10 minutes, this was all happening at 11:30pm – I was like, you serious!! He insisted it was no trouble for him, so me and Nita headed to the roof top bar to kill more time.

This was a blessing in disguise, the DOME rooftop place was a great place to be around that time, nice tunes, Arabian Sea breeze and my fav Gin & Tonic. We both enjoyed up there and somehow I was again back in the good books ;).

Dome Rooftop Bar @ Intercontinental

Coming back down to the room, the housekeeper was gone but the room was spanking clean, and made up so nicely!!! WOW, the service!! At midnight we had our room made – this was over and beyond what we expected, all I had requested were fresh towels!! Simply love the service here.

24th Jan

Last full day in Mumbai, today’s schedule was simple, first a movie and then it was a visit to Shidivinayak mandir.

First a midday session movie at INOX, this time to watch Street Dancer 3. Got the gold class session – why not, good way to relax. Another empty cinema – that is one advantage of getting to the day sessions, cinemas are empty!! Well it was empty till it started and then a couple more people turned up, still very empty. Gold Class lunch options were great, you simply pressed service button and the guy was there to take our orders, got some yum snacks with a pizza – good way to lunch!

Movies @ INOX Nariman Point

From there we headed out to Sidhiviniyak Mandir, being a Friday, the crowds were not many and we breezed through. Nita was also able to find the Ganpati murtis that I had in my car, she wanted these and it was a good find.

@Sidhivinayak Mandir Mumbai

Headed back to the hotel to just chill and sort out our packing.
Packing done, now to the rooftop bar to enjoy our final Arabian Sea Sunset for this trip.

For dinner, it was a no brainer, last night in Mumbai had to be the best fusion, and it was Jia @ Colaba, did not dare to try a new place, we loved this place so much and wanted to try more of their variety.
Again the soup, dumplings and this time we ordered sushi – wow all just wow!!! So so recommend this place. A great way to finish it all off.

25th Jan

Early start, breakfast done and now to checkout and head to the airport.
Farewelled the amazing crew at the Intercontinental – this place may not be the biggest but these guys have the biggest hearts and the best service to date!! Will be coming here for sure again.

Drive to the airport was smooth with no traffic.
At the airport finding a trolley near by proved difficult, finally managed to grab a couple and then it was lugging the two trolleys to the correct checkin counters. All done and through immigration.
First stop was the Way out of India store in the departures lounge, this place had a lot of indian handicrafts. Nita ended up getting a few things along with a great Ganpati murti – now I wish I had bought the larger one – well next time.

From there we headed to the business lounge expecting a nice area we could relax in – not to be, this was not the same as other lounges – a bit of a let down. Headed back out to the food court area for a final round of Chaat.
There we caught up with Dilip kaka and Bharti kaki, they were also flying out today.

It was soon time to board, we headed our different ways, we were not on the same flights. Looking forward to home and seeing our girls.

The end to a short but amazing visit to one of our favourite foodie destinations! Looking back at this, we are soo glad to have done this, not sure when we will be going back to India again let alone going out of Australia!!
As the saying goes, or maybe it is our saying, what ever is done is done, things you have planned and left for tomorrow are in a place with no guarantees – enjoy today and lock in those memories whilst you still can….

Till our next vacation…..

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