Mumbai Day 10 – 20th Jan

Restarting this overdue blog, got slack with COVID19!! Not sure if I can remember it all….. 😦

Lazy morning, todays plan was very simple – head off to Santa Cruz to collect shopping and then catch up with Doc & family for Dinner.

Breakfast at Intercontinental was at the Long & Short Lounge, a smaller scale than Novotel however variety was not sacrificed and the staff were super attentive & helpful. Whilst they did not have a hot station, all that was required was asking one of the crew members and eggs were brought to our table – cooked the way I liked (Sunny side). Service just kept getting better, I was at the bread station waiting for my toast, the crew member offered to bring it over once done! Did not at all feel like a buffet breakfast – super happy with this service.



Intercontinental Long & Short Lounge

Before heading out, asked the reception why my floor kept smelling of smoke – it was then I was told that we were on a SMOKING FLOOR !!!! Arrrgghhhh. Time to change please. Reception was super helpful and offered to move all our luggage once the new room was ready. Headed back to our room and packed everything into the luggage and left it in the room – fingers crossed they move us to a good room.

It was just after midday we headed out to Santa Cruz, the standard hour drive with the Mumbai traffic :(. Getting there, we diverted to the Khar Social, Nita wanted the signature khichdi – she loved that from the last trip!
Getting in there, the lower level was mostly empty, however it was the upper level that surprised me, a lot of youngsters working on their laptops – this was very different from our visit in the last trip

Khar Social


Food was great, never can go wrong here, the Khicdi was just what Nita needed, and my Chicken wings were very nice! Finishing off was with a nice touch, receipt presented in a cool box with the most appropriate title….

Receipts presented in this box @ Khar Social

Now to find a rickshaw to take us Station road in Santa Cruz. Nothing in sight and the few that went past were already full. We walked a bit away from the quiet street trying to find a main road with more traffic. Ended up at an intersection where more traffic was passing by. Waiting under a large tree, it was a now a waiting game.
Now something to remember with large trees, these things attract a lot of birds & birds do like to poop at the wrong times…..yes it was bound to happen. However it was not me but Nita! She got targeted and it was her hair that got it all!! Not the best of moments, it was a frantic wipe off as much as possible, however it was the warm feeling of fresh pooh on the scalp that was driving her nuts 😐  Finally got a rickshaw, now what, we needed to fix this hair problem, I knew there was a saloon on the same station rd, asked the driver to take us there.
Got to Enrich hair saloon and luckily the place were able to get Nita in without wait. Ok she was sorted, this allowed me enough time to head over to Friendship and collect the shoppings – Nita was in no mood to try them on 😦
Shopping collected and back at the Saloon, Nita was very happy with the service provided and her mood had turned brighter…phew 🙂  Now to another collection that was just around the corner. He were ended up staying longer, ofcourse the mandatory tea was ordered and as was to be, more shopping:(  It was around 5:30pm when we finally got out of the store and headed back to the hotel.

Getting back, was pleased to be informed that our room had been changed to a non smoking floor and our luggage had all been moved!  Getting into this room, it just smelled so much better – NO SMOKE — YAY!!! The room was also slightly bigger – not complaining about that.

Now to just chill out and relax, we had a lot of time before we were to meet Doc & Tina @ 9pm.

Just after 9pm we arrived at Taj and what a coincidence, Doc & family arrived in the taxi directly in front of us!

Doc & family arriving at the same time at Taj hotel

First time for the essential photos at the Taj lobby area

Taj lobby

It was then off to the Golden Dragon, this is one place I have had soo many recommendations, was very much looking forward to this.

Dinner at Golden Dragon

Always an advantage to go out in a group, the food variety we could order was great, lots of options plus some great laughs.
The laughs continued and so did the drinks, it was close to midnight when we finally left the place – we were the last ones !

Review: Whilst food was good, it was not something that I would class as amazing, the highlight for me was the Hot and Sour soup – that was wow. Overall I am not sure if I would recommend this place 😦 .

It had been a great night, this was the final time we were meeting up with Doc & Tina in this trip – said our farewells, till we catchup back in Brisbane.

An interesting day it had been, with a great finish!

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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