Day 19th–2nd Oct – End of Cruise, to Paris

End of cruise today, disembarkment was around 9:30am. Got my girls organised, bags packed, we vacated our room and were out with our bags to the Sports Bar. We should have done this more often, the place was mostly empty unlike the Buffet, where finding a table was always a challenge. The Sports bar whilst not a buffet restaurant had a good selection of pastries, sandwiches and espresso ofcourse! Relaxed there with a few rounds of espresso, it was about an hour before the other families came by. All headed to the meeting point awaiting our turn to disembark.

Out of the ship, baggage collected and on to our private bus transfer, yep, it was again a massive 54 seater coach for the 16 of us!! Drive back from La Havre was uneventful, wet weather did not help the mood. I guess it was a bit depressing having the cruise all finished Sad smile.

Stopped for a coffee break at an interesting road house, made entirely of containers!

Got to our hotel, Novotel Les Halles around 2:30pm, and by 3pm we were all out again, heading to La Chappell the indian district. We all needed a good spicy curry! It was a short 15 minute walk, and the weather was nice and cold, perfect for walking!


We ended up at the Kashmir Indian restaurant, and got lucky with a table for 16, it was in their basement, which did feel a bit claustrophobic but a few beers eased that quickly. Service was super slow (they were not expecting 16 to just rock up) but the food was awwww so yummm…. Highly recommended.

Late lunch done, now back to the hotel and relax for the evening’s Eiffel viewing from the top and Buddha Bar dinner. Along the way, all bought some mini padlocks that we were going to put on the bridge …somewhere!


Back at the hotel, it was a time to chillax a bit.

The Eiffel viewing was at 7:30, we decided to leave around 6pm, allowing some extra time. It was the right move, traffic was heavy.  Getting there, we were next to Rue de Universite, time to get some pics of my girls from this awesome street!


We were lucky to get some good snaps, started grizzling soon after, and it was getting dark, time to head through security and into the secure Eiffel area, located Balia and family, they were already there, Vik and Doc were still on the way! We queued up and headed up – could not wait as our scheduled time was now. The weather unfortunately was not in our favour, light rain persisted and the winds up on the Eiffel did make it very very cold!
Add to that the low cloud cover and it was not the best mix for viewing.


It had been a very cold & wet viewing experience, we were unlucky with the weather but had made the most of it. Time to head down and make our way to Buddha Bar – Doc had booked dinner for all there. Balia and I headed out, the other two were almost finishing the top viewing.

Arrived at our destination, Neha & Pooja were looking forward to this place, we had an amazing experiencing in Dubai, were hoping for the same here!

The ambience inside was amazing but a group of 16 is a bit hard in such an environment. Food was not as good as what we had in Dubai, this was a bit of a let down. Night done, time to get an UBER to head back to the hotel, everyone was tired from the long day.

Tomorrow was the Louvre Museum.

Neha’s vlog for today

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