Day 20th–3rd Oct Paris (Louvre Museum)

A very relaxed start to the day, got out of the hotel around 11am! Then it was across the street for some late breakfast trying some amazing pastries. Doc, Vik & Balia had left early for the Arc de Triomphe walk up the stairs (we had already done that before the cruise)


Plan today was a leisurely stroll to Louvre Museum, we had tickets for 1:30pm entry. First, down to the mall near our hotel, and to the Pandora store, Pooja was on a mission to collect charms from each city.


Pooja sorted, headed to Louvre, we only had around an hour before our timed entry. Getting there, Doc and Vik were already in the queue, joined in with them (Balia did not have the same tickets he was going at another time). Place was busy but having a scheduled time is great, line does move fairly quickly. The gold art work inside the iconic pyramid is quite interesting and turned out almost 3D like in my pic!

made our way down and then into the museum.


Finished off the Louvre museum and all then decided to head to lunch across the river, close to where we had Indian yesterday, we had noted two good Thai and Mexican places, I wanted Thai and Vik/Doc wanted  Mexican, lucky they both were almost next to each other! Time to walk…. lots of walking in Paris!

Got to the restaurants, unfortunately Thai was closed, so it was by default Mexican for us @ Fajitas. It was a good thing that Thai was closed, an amazing Mexican restaurant this was, small but the best food! Nice spicy varieties.
Highly recommended: Fajitas Mexican.

After the good feed, we headed to Notre Dame, that was still outstanding for us, Doc and Vik took another route from there.
Notre Dame was only a 10 minute walk away and queues there were not as bad as the weekend.

It was a surreal experience in Notre Dame, very peaceful, we all lit candles and just sat around, doing nothing but simply being at peace. What an experience.

Pooja was a bit tired and did not want to do any more walking, time for them to rest at the hotel, Nita and I headed to the OPERA shopping area. Aaria was also bored that afternoon and was happy to come into our room and play with Pooja, kids sorted!

Did a fair bit of walking around the OPERA area, and Nita did find lots of stores that interested her! Decided to walk back rather than UBER, lots to see. Along the way stopped by at the Pierre Herme Macarons – these were amazing!


It is so true, you do get to see soo much more if you are on foot rather than in the car! Lots to see in Paris. Got a side visit to the Louvre area on the way back to the hotel, it is different at night!

Back at the hotel, it was a quick freshen up and then to catch-up with the entire gang at the famous Le Perla Italian restaurant (this would be our third visit). This time we were all seated upstairs, maybe it was the size of the group! As always the food here was super and the dessert were wow! Dinner done, back to the hotel, tomorrow morning was an early start for us, I wanted to get to Trocadero to get some pics of Neha & Pooja with Eiffel, after seeing our pics, both had changed their minds and were not ok to wake up early for the shoot.


Neha’s vlog for 3rd Oct

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