Day 13, Delhi & Train to Navsari, 14th Dec

Last day in Delhi today. Pooja still had a temperature and felt like throwing up. Decided to miss Akshardam and just take it easy – got to leave something for the next trip!
Breakfast was quick, and back in the room – Pooja needed to rest.

I went off to the ICICI Bank to collect my NRI Account deliverables (VISA card, cheque books had arrived). At the branch for 10 minutes I was told to go from one area to another, finally some harsh words made the process start. It still took them a further 15 minutes to locate my stuff. Then another 20 minutes to work out how I could deposit money into the account – but wait they needed authority from some idiot high above on whether I could deposit money now or NOT (It is my account right!!). After close to 1 hour of having made no progress, just asked them to give me the card and cheque book, walked out without depositing a cent! I feel for the people here, service is shockingly slow, everything is “bass pach minute” and another 30 minutes goes past and nothing happens!
(Hopefully I can get this sorted out in Gujarat)

Back at the hotel, Nita and I started the pack up of all our luggage, had to minimise the number of pieces to make getting on and off the train easier.
Went for lunch around 2pm @ Shudh restaurant, ordered some Chinese – Hakka noodles for Kids, we had Chilly Garlic Noodles, and Chilly Paneer entree. The Chilly Paneer tasted just like Chicken manchurian we have in oz, it was amazing, and the Noodles were just as good – Chinese in India is absolutely brilliant. Ordered Pan Fried Noodles as takeaway for the train dinner, kids were having hakka noodles on train.

Got out of the hotel @ 3.30 pm, had hotel cab drop us off to New Delhi Train station – we were booked on the Paschim Express departing @ 4.55 pm.
Got a couple of Coolies to assist with the luggage and arranged for them to take luggage into the cabin as well, made it soo much easier – they had me waiting at the correct place – Indian trains are very long, you do not want to be waiting at the wrong end.

(waiting @ New Delhi station)

(very busy platform – lots of people travelling on Paschim Express)

Waiting at the station, we witnessed some interesting sights – guys who needed to “pee” could not be bothered finding a proper washroom, the world’s biggest washroom was right there in front of them – the trains tracks of course – so what if everyone else was watching, it must be an Indians birth right to pee in front of everyone. Then there were different styles, some just did it the western way (standing up) whilst others were modest, they squatted and finished their business…. below is one modest dude
(people relieving themselves on the tracks – this one directly ops us)

The Coolies who helped us, had suddenly reappeared at he arrival of the train and helped us take all our luggage to the correct cabin. The 1st Class sleeper cabins are soo different from the other ones we have had so far – individual lockable cabins, berths are wider and more space. We even had an attendant call bell in the cabin – did not use this though.

(Neha and Pooja in their upper berths)

Mum called soon after, and we all chatted for a bit – Nita was asking Mum to arrange next days lunch – she wanted home cooked food. Somehow, mum was doing this all from Brisbane!! – love you mum.

Dinner was our takeaway from Shudh – surprisingly it was still warm, by 7pm dinner was all done and Neha was knocked out soon after. I started writing my Agra blog – had lots of time on hand. Finished the blog around 10 pm, and we were all off to sleep soon after.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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