Day 14, Navsari 15th Dec

Still in the train this morning – sleeping in the train was different – continuous rocking motion did feel good . Neha and Pooja were still sleeping @ 8am. Our omelette breakfast was provided around 8:30, was not too bad at all.

Around 10:45 train was at Surat – last stop before Navsari, called Manga (private taxi dude) to let him know of our location. At 11:15 train was @ Navsari, had  to prepared with all our luggage near the train exit – train was only stopping at this stop for 2 minutes – had thought that it would be a struggle, however had no issues at all getting all of us and luggage out on time.

Manga was waiting across the rail tracks – walkway to get over the platform was quite a distance, Coolie just got the luggage and walked across the tracks – soon we all followed one at a time, jumping off the platform and slowly making our way across 4 tracks! Felt weird doing that, but it was an achievement – crossing the tracks India style!!

Picked up a carton of of Bisleri water and Milk – the essentials. Arrived at our new home – felt good – home looked sooo much better than previously, what a change it was.

(view of home from outside)

(first looks – livingarea and kitchen)

We all went through the house, kids were excitedly saying – “dada’s new house is soo nice”, coming from the Delhi hotel – this was 5 star!!

Soon after our lunch “tiffen” arrived – Aloo fry  & Kitchree – both were very tasty. How good was home delivery tiffen!! Only 120/rs for veg & 180/rs for non veg – and thats for 2!!

(our first lunch tiffen)

All had a shower – felt soo much better after a nice hot shower. Time to visit some of Nita’s family – however had no idea where they lived,- took an Auto to the Bazaar, looking for Sai Pharmacy (Nita’s masi), I roughly knew where they were and managed to find them easily. It was good to catch up again with Tinu and Nita’s masa. Tinu also organised one of his staff to guide us to the other two relatives we wanted to go to.
Nita’s aji was not home, got lucky at Vinod kaka’s (Nita’s dad’s cousin). They were all there and all got a surprise see us. Seeing them again after 5 years – brought back memories of the prior trip.

(Neha and Pooja with Vinod kaka)

Headed back to the bazaar, Navsari bazaar is very narrow and sometimes crowded. Did buy some cleaning stuff for the new house, Nita also picked up some BHUJA. Were back home around 5:30 pm, Pooja was not feeling too well, she had vomited twice. Took her to the local doctor (Sanjay) – more medication for her.

Back home, our evening tiffen arrived, it was chicken curry, rice and roti – home delivered! It was very nice. By 9 pm, most of us had nodded off on the sofas – we were really tired from the train travel – (could be train-leg, as opposed to jetlag)

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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5 Responses to Day 14, Navsari 15th Dec

  1. priya khatri says:

    The house is definitely 5 star. I think the other family in the pic is Parimal dad right!
    Must feel sooo good to be home( second to brissy home). The tiffen idea is awesome. Its less than AUD 3.00. Enjoy Navsari. Hey just remembered if u hv time in mumbai u should go to Sidhi Vinayak temple. Its a huge Ganesh temple that Amitabh always goes to.Bye:)

  2. priya says:

    Nita buy arm rakshas. you should be able to get it from chemist too. Its comes in Nahar ayurvedic brand. It should fix Pooja’s vomit and upset tummy too. Take yr regular medication too. Maa brings this from india for us and we take it whenever we hv upset tummy.

  3. priya says:

    Ask bharti suryakant who lives across the road. She can get it for u.

  4. Nita says:

    Hey Priya….home’s pretty cool but i cn’t seem to pass my time yaar, since yesterday i have being so sick, went and got a needle to fix myself ASAP ….i was literally in bed whole day so wasn’t able go to Surat as planned but am bit better today…anyways i did visit Sidhi Vinayak temple in my last visit but i’ll make sure take the gals this time around too.
    Thanks for reminding abt arm rakshas…actually that was very popular herbal medication @ ur mami’s home 😉
    Yes that’s Parimal’s Dad !

  5. priya khatri says:

    Hey Nita Maa reckons Arm rakshas will fix all yr problems too. Take with Yogurt or buttermilk. Liked yr profile pic yaar ek dum Mumtaz pose!!!!

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