May 16th – 24th Utrecht

Summarising these into one post. During this period, I was at work daily so it was not really holidays and there were only a few pics of us dining out etc.
Covering these days with pics

Dominos EU HeadOffice
This was my office for the next 8 days, located in an industrial area a good 25 mins uber ride from central – no easy way to get there and not much around the office, but the office itself was so much more nicer than the AU office.

Typical night time working from the Hotel – COGNAC goes very well

So many good breakfast spots in Utrecht, Anna Pancakes is one we found from online reviews, highly recommend this place. I small nook that serves the most amazing variety of pancakes + they have good coffees!

Utrecht has many many canals all lined with great food / coffee nooks – we were making the most of the sites and trying different places. As with all places, there were one or two places that were not so great, but overall we were happy with the variety of monrning and afternon tea/coffee experiences we had

Outing with my EU Team
Took out my EU team on a drinks and dinner. Nita got to meet, Priya, Akshay and Gopi. Amazing bunch. Priya helped Nita by locating and getting for her a special Tandoori Marsala that we last picked up in London in 2018.

Best food at De Goedheyd

Best and the most amazing surprise menu food we have had to date @ “De Goedheyd“, my colleague Jeffrey Berend took Nita and I to this special place.
The Surprise menu indeed a surprise, such an amazing experience, no menus – just chatting with the Chef’s on what we dont like and then let it all start :). All meals paired with perfect matching wines.
Big advantage I had was going with a local , else I may never had tried this place!!
Highly recommended

Amsterdam day visit – Work meeting with Snowflake @ Amsterdam, planned afternoon catchup with Nita, experienced the best Indian in NL – Anjappar – recommended by my work colleagues. Wow this place is amazing , nice spicy varieties from the south – I just wish we had more people so we could try other dishes, well something for next times.

Lots of Dinners and Dessert options – it was a hit n miss but then that is the fun with exploring

Another Surprise menu dinner
After the De Goedheyd experience, we wanted more of that, and ended up at “El Qatarijne”. Whilst not to the level of De Goedheyd, this was very good. It puts itself as taking the flavours from the Easts and modernising it – I think they did it well. I also met a look-a-like of Bachan from Cheeni Kum, just wish I also met Tabu!!

Sights across Utrecht, so many canal walks, above and near the water, and then there were hidden gems – this place has so grown on us both, prefer this over Amsterdam so much – it is compact and has it all

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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