Mumbai Day 9 – 19th Jan

It was a early start – we were on a 6am train to Mumbai – Flying Ranee.

Our car arrived on time – 5:10am, farewelled Mum and Dad and then it was off. Was about 10min and we were at the station, now the driver went back to collect Vishal – since the car was small, he had to do two rounds for this drop off!

Vishal arrived and then it was finding the right platform – which was not too bad but the confusion was around where to stand on the platform – these trains are super long and only stops here for 3 mins.

Located the place where out booked car would stop and then it was waiting.

Train arrived and as it had to be, the car did not stop where it should have, so a bit of running around to find the right car, got it and boarded all successfully. Located our seats, luggage stored nearby , now it was a four hour ride to Mumbai. Was surprised how full the carriage was – this was supposed to be first class.

Half way through, conductor comes around, checks my ticket and informs me, that this carriage had changed to a smaller capacity and I had been automatically upgraded – a higher class in front, apparently sms notification was sent out – seems like my luck, they did not send the sms to international mobiles 🙁. It was to much effort to move now with the luggage, we decided to stay put – only two more hours.

Train got into Mumbai just after 10am, farewelled Vishal and then it was into a taxi to our hotel – Intercontinental Marine Drive.

Luck was not on our side today, Mumbai was hosting a marathon and streets were closed all over the place – resulting in traffic chaos! A ride that should have taken 10mins was taking us one hour. In addition to the delay – the last km, we had to walk with our bags as the entire road opp our hotel was locked out.

Finally made it to the hotel, wow what a relief to be in there away from the chaos outside! But it was not over yet , room was not ready till 2pm🙃! We were to meet Doc and family for Brunch today around midday and it was already past 11.

Their lobby bathrooms were quite large, we got freshened up there. This was the first time I was shaving in the lobby bathroom of any hotel, well who cares, people were a bit confused seeing me there just going about my shave but it all worked out ok. Quick change, bags stored with the concierge and we were in the taxi heading to St Regis in lower Parel.

Got there just after midday, first the mandatory pics at the magnificent stairs. Found Doc in the same area!

On the famous St Regis stairs
Ek selfie toh banta hai

Now to head to Seven kitchens for apparently the best brunch in Mumbai – as per online reviews!

All headed to the restaurant and got seated in the same place where we previously were for the New Years celebration !

The seven kitchens spread was wow, similar to what they had in New Years, so much to try and eat, at least this time I could enjoy the food! It was not long before we were on desserts — enough cried my belly!! There is a limit to what a human can eat, I wish it was not but even I had to give up 🤪. Brunch done.

Got back to our hotel and phew, room was available now! Straight into the room for some much needed rest. We were on the 2nd floor and it did smell a bit strange – smoke but not quite the intense smoking smell??? Well we were too tired and hit the bed after a good hot shower. Room was amazingly large and the bed was soo comfy, in no time I was knocked out.

Woke up in a couple of hours and then it was just lazing around, we had a lot of hours to relax till we met Doc and family again at London Taxi @ 9pm for dinner.

Our OLA got in around 8:30pm and we were at Kamala Mills just before 9. This place is different, lots of great restaurants and bars, very different to other places.

Great looking Indian Restaurant! Mental note to self to visit this place

Got into London Taxi and it took me by surprise, I was expecting a restaurant, well this place was more like a night club/bar with food menu. Soon after Doc & family arrived. Got ourselves seated three tables from the dance floor which was filled with a private group dancing away. I was skeptical of the ambience however it quickly grew on me and in no time, was really enjoying it!!

London Taxi

Food was great 👍, lots of small entree’s! Was not long before we all hit the dance floor and then back again for some desserts!

Lots of dancing, eating and drinking leaving us all a bit tired, time to call it a night.

Headed out to our OLA cabs back to our respective hotels, we were meeting again the next evening at Taj Golden Dragon, hope that leaves up to it.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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