Day 6–19th September London (Harry Potter Studio Tour)

Not much to cover today, first to catch the changing of the guard at 10am and then Doc’s family, me, Pooja & Neha were heading to the Harry Potter Studio Tour. Vik’s family and Nita were not interested in that one.

Neha & Pooja were up early today, very excited for Harry Potter Studio visit. Wish it was always like this! Breakfast done, we were out of the hotel by 9:20am. First up, to the changing of the Guards at Buckingham Palace, only a short walk through Green park.


Passing through the park, we noticed lots of arm chairs to relax on the lawns whilst catching some sun. Even though it was overcast, me & Vik had to showcase that!


Moving on in the park, we passed a couple of British cops, who were more than happy to take a pic with the kids.

Arriving at Buckingham Palace, the place was PACKED!!! Not much chance of getting close to see the changing of the guards ceremony. About the same time the guards on horseback were coming by, atleast we got to see them close by.

And a couple of jumping shots……

At this point we all decided to split up now, we were heading to Selfridges, decided to do lunch there today. Walking back through Green Park, the fall leaves were providing a great backdrop for more pics!!



Took the tube from Green Park to Oxford Circus, add a short walk and we were at Selfridges. Ladies did a bit more browsing around and then it was time for lunch, to the Selfridges food court (on level 4). Settled for the Asian variety, food was very good indeed. Recommend this place for lunch.

Around 1.30pm, we made our way out, grabbed a Taxi and were back at the hotel. At 2pm met up with Doc & family at the foyer, headed out together for Harry Potter Studio tour, each way was approx 1 hour, had to factor that in to our 4pm start time. First up, tube from Green Park to Euston, then the above ground rail to Watford Junction where we were taking the Harry Potter Shuttle.


Finally at Harry Potter Studios,


Pooja was super excited, quickly through the gates and then it was hearing the ooohhhhs & aaahhhs from Pooja!!


The entry was the best, we were taken into a room to be shown a shot video, then into a small theatre to watch on a big screen some behind the scenes footages etc. The last shot was of the giant door way. Then the white projection screen is lifted and you are looking at the projected door but now it is really there.
Through this door our tour starts and the first room is the Hogwarts hall.



Finally onto the famous train platform.

Finished earlier than expected. It was a very good studio tour but they did lack a couple of rides or simulations! Would I visit this again – NO! Did the kids enjoy it – YES, would they come again – NO Sad smile.
Headed back and organised evening dinner at Wahaca Mexican at Covent Gardens. All left the hotel around 8.15pm. Vik had also invited Nilesh lamba to come by there. Was a good nite with a lot of good food and a lot of laughter. Lots of world cup chatter!

Called it a night, this was our final night in London, tomorrow we were heading to Paris via Eurostar.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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