Day 4 – 17th Sept, London (Madame Tussauds & London Eye)

Today was a visit to the Madame Tussauds, me and Nita had visited this place in 1998! Our third visit to a Madame Tussauds and the kids second visit. We were booked for the 10am session.
Early start for the group, took the tube from Green Park to the Baker St station. Madame Tussauds is directly next to Baker St, infact the stations has signage indicating which way to go for Madame Tussauds.

We got there by 9:30am, hoping to get in early… only to be disappointed, the place did not open till 10am!! Well time to wait outside, atleast we were first in the queue.


At just after 10, we were let in, it was good to be in first, we got a few minutes with the bollywood stars before the wave of other bollywood fans arrived. And then there were lots of pics…..



Turns out Pooja was in most shots, she was super active with getting her pics taken whilst Neha was busy vlogging it all.
Madame Tussauds completed, next group meetup was at 3:30 pm at the London Eye, till then everyone was free to do whatever they liked.

First stop for us was the Seoul Bakey @ Russell St. Pooja is a big fan of K-pop, and had researched this place as selling k-pop memorabilia!!
Took the tube to Bond St, than switched to the Central line to get off at the Tottenham Court Road, a few minutes walk and we were at the Seoul Bakery. The place looked like just any small Korean cafe, asking the staff there about K-pop store, and they led us down to the lower level store which was essentially a locked room. They opened the room and left Pooja in there, she was free to go through it all and pick what she wanted! Was super impressed with their trust that fans will not steal!


Pooja picked up some key rings, posters and ofcourse she had to get a BTS album. That done and all paid for, with a very happy Pooja, we headed to Oxford Circus via the Tube.IMG_2259

There the first stop was to get some lunch, we turned into Argyll St, which is a pedestrian walking only street and settled for Italian at Bella Italia.


Food here was amazing and very filling, we ordered two pasta dishes and one Pizza, all very very good! By the time we finished lunch, there was not much time to look around Oxford St, time to head back down to the tube and get to our London Eye session at 3:30pm.

Vikash & Doc were already they with the family, we just made it and all boarded the same cabin.


The London Eye does go high and provides some amazing views over London. Would I do it again, not really, I am not a great fan of such attractions so this was not to my taste. A full circle done in 30 minutes, we were down again, time to head back to the hotel.

Doc was dining out with his family in London tonight, me and Vikash decided to head out to Harrods for afternoon Tea after dropping kids off at Hotel. Told them to order Room Service!

The Hotel concierge suggested we take a Taxi rather than the underground, it was much faster and about the same cost as we were 4. Time to hop into a London Taxi!


We arrived at Harrods in no time, if you are leaving in the Mayfair area, definitely take a Taxi to Harrods, much easier than all the walking involved with the Tube.


Headed to the Harrods tea rooms on Level 4, the place is something!


We ordered coffees, couple of cakes and scones for all. It was nice afternoon tea session. Seating there enjoying the atmosphere, we started planning the evening, Nita suggested an Indian restaurant that was recently visited by Sonam Kapoor, me and Vik were – lets do it! Made a reservation for 4 (no kids!!) for 8:30 pm @ Bombay Bustle, and a plus, it was located in Mayfair not too far from the hotel!

Back at the hotel, we sorted the kids dinner, room service, which they were very happy with, none of them wanted to go out!! Dian and Aaria were in our room, kids were all having lots of fun.

A quick 20 min walk got us to our destination, Bombay Bustle. It did not look much from the outside, however once we entered, the place was busy! It was themed like a train carriage, we could not see many spare tables.

Bombay Bustledining-area

We informed the front desk of our booking, they took us downstairs!, and wow it was grand!!

BombayBustle Lower

Downstairs we were give the lounge table, with nice sofas! Apparently this was the same table Sonam Kapoor and her party came to. 
Time to order some food, ordered a few varieties recommended by wait person, who was amazing.


Food was amazing and delicious!!! As was the dessert khulfi!
Wow, what a way to end the night, Bombay Bustle restaurant is highly highly recommended.

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