Day 19 (13/4)– LA Universal Studios

Officially 41 today, but still feeling like 30!

Our final theme park for the trip today – Universal Studios, another early start. The apartment was great, organising breakfast was so much easier, the Wagh Bakri Masala Tea Nita brought along was working out well, needed a good cuppa to start the day.

All loaded in the VAN and headed out, could not believe when we arrived at the Studios in under 7 minutes. Well still had over 45 minutes before the park opened. What else but take pics.


Through the gates around 9:50am, then a further few minutes of wait inside until the 10am open. Vik had the scheduled sorted, first up, to head to lower level to finish off the key rides whilst crowd levels were low. Did not realise how low the lower level was until we came to the Starway, connecting the upper level to the lower level. We were around 200 –300 metres above the lower level! And connecting the levels were 4 BIG escalators.


We went on the Transformers ride, Mummy coaster and the Jurassic Park ride – which had a good chance of getting wet! Queue times for all were minimal, max wait time was around 10 minutes!

All the three rides were brilliant, The Transformers had so much realistic 4D feel to it, the Mummy coaster was quick and Jurassic park was FUN.
Fun fact for Jurassic Park ride, if riding with kids, make sure you do not sit with them in the same row if you have a big tummy or if they are super slim!! Each row can seat 4 people with a single handle bar securing all. For my row and the same with Vik’s, the handle bar stopped at our tummy (12 pack), which also left the kids with a fair amount of gap between them and the handle bar leaving them not too secure! Not a big problem, but on the last fall their bums were a fair bit off the seats Smile, kids were not too impressed! Dian and Neha were very mad at us!

Great start to the morning, Time to head back to the upper levels, for more fun.

Finished off the special effects show, was very interesting on seeing the tricks that are possible with the Camera lens! Neha enjoyed that heaps!

Caught up with Betty Boop, lovely girl she is! As soon as she found out it was my birthday, she fetched a Birthday tag, wrote my name and left her lovely kiss on it ! Red heart

Now for the Waterworld Show. This was the same set that was used in Kambakht Ishq movie.


This was an awesome show, especially the climax with the plane! Thoroughly enjoyed.

More exploring in the park

Next we headed to the Hollywood Studio Tour. This was in a 4 car tram driving us through the sets of TV shows, movies and also giving us a bit of hollywood action!

The King Kong 3D experience was brilliant, lots of Dinosaurs running around us!

Drove through Wisteria Lane from Desperate Housewives, Nita and Meeta knew these very well.

On the sets of “War of Worlds” plane crash scene

The one hour tour went too quickly, it was very very good and loads of fun! This is sooo highly recommended for anyone coming here!


It was time for me & Vik to catchup with Marylyn


Next to explore the Simpsons Ride, another 4D virtual ride. In the queue, came across a name I know!

A bit of Sholay, Yeh Dosti!!

We had completed the park and all the key attractions in good time, it was approaching 6pm, we had done well to finish it all. Time to make our way out.

But first some shopping. Pooja wanted her Magic Unicorn, she had been crying for that!


On the way out, LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!

It had been a very good day at Universal Studios, very very enjoyable, Nita was rating this theme park very high, even higher than Disney!

Outside the park, explored the Universal CityWalk, a three block shopping, dining and entertainment precinct.

None of the dinner options appealed to us (well not with kids), decided to get takeaway Pizza for Dian, and Sushi for Neha & Pooja. Then to our VAN.

What a sight, our big VAN all by itself in the car park. One perk of an extra large vehicle, we get to park very close to the entrance, no need to park in the big multi-level car parking for cars – which is always a fair walk away.


(hurray – we have done all the theme parks for this trip!!)Open-mouthed smileHigh five

Headed to the apartment. Kids settled in, now for the four of us to head out
…..night birthday party with celebs continued on next post!

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