Day 18 (12/4)– Artesia and Citadel Outlets

Today was a visit to Artesia, having lunch at Surati Farshan and then to Citadel outlet mall for some shopping therapy for the ladies.

Last few days had all been early starts, today was not one of them, bit more relaxed. At 10:30am we were still in the apartment just chilling, well getting kids organised to leave.


Arrived at Artesia around midday just in time for Lunch. Made our way to Surati Farshan Indian Veg – this place is apparently always busy, and it was the same for lunch today. Lots of food options. We ordered lots of Chaats, Dosa, Chana Bhatura & Nita ordered a THALI – she had been longing for a good veg meal! Food turned out very good. Then it was time for Gulab Jamun, kids were loving it.


After lunch we spent around an hour just walking around the place to see other stores in the area. We came across an eye brow threading place, Nita was – why not.


It was then off to Citadel outlets, got there around 3:30pm and were there till almost 7pm! More shopping done by all. Kids were very tired by then, Got back to the apartment, it was a task to carry all the shopping up!

(so much shopping, ladies in overdrive!!)

Once in the Apartment sorted kids meals with room service (well me and Vik were the room service waiters and delivery boys!). Dian had a Pizza whilsts my girls had sushi again.

By 9pm there they were all good and none of them wanted to come out with us, left them in the apartment with a phone and the 4 of us headed out. It was my birthday in Australian time zone and I had already got lots of birthday wishes from that size of the world, so why not celebrate it a day earlier in US.

We decided on Hard Rock Café, but before that I had to have a pic with the Hollywood Female Cop!

(very friendly the US cops!)

HardRock food was good, settled for a couple of burgers shared between each couple leaving enough capacity for desserts.


Vik had also arranged a surprise birthday dessert for me, thanks mate!

It was a great night and very very enjoyable one, this was the first time we 4 were out on our own without the kids and it felt so different and hassle free!

Great finish to the day, tomorrow was Universal Studios!

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