Day 19 (13/4)– Evening birthday party with Celebs

Kids were settled in the apartment, headed out to Hollywood Blvd for another good night. It was my 41st!

We were surprised to see Hollywood Blvd closed off, opp the Dolby Theatre with fencing and red carpets lining the road, yet only minimal crowds around. And staff were rolling up the carpets! Did we just miss something!


Asking around, found out it was the World Premiere of Avengers the Age of Ultron. If only we had been here about 2 hours ago!

Headed to the upper levels of Mall attached to the Dolby Theatre (Hollywood and Highland), lets explore the dining options there.


Settled for Mexican @ “Cabo Wabo Cantina”. Me and Vik ordered the waiters suggested Margarita, Nita wanted a creamy cocktail – nothing on the menu so asked him to make the Dharma special – LOVE ON THE BEACH, Kahlua Malibu & Cream. Meeta ordered the same. Not everyone does this right, however this place must have had a good bar-man, he made them spot on.
Food was good but not great, the San Diego OLD TOWN Mexican was still the best so far.

It was after 10pm we left the place and back on Hollywood blvd. The red carpets were gone, the fences were still there and rows of Black Audi limos were now parked on both sides of the blvd. A few people had gathered at the Dolby Theatre street entrance. Asking around, apparently the world premiere was about to conclude and the celebrities would be coming out anytime.
Why not hang around – well that is what our ladies wanted to do. With nothing else planned for the night, that is exactly what we did. Most of the crowd were outside, we along them, however the cold weather was making it difficult, me and Vik decided to just go in the Dolby Theatre building and wait inside, was much better inside.


It was approx another 20-30 minutes before we saw someone we recognised.

Samuel L Jackson


Neal McDonough (Captain America, Agents of Shield)

some tv star…. not sure who?

Then a few members of the crowd ran out, apparently the celebs were exiting a different route…

Crowd building outside!

Ming Na-Wen (Agents of Shield)

Aaron Taylor Johnson (played Quicksilver in Avengers)

Chris Hemsworth (played Thor in Avengers)

James Gunn (Director- Guardians of the Galaxy)

Jon Favreau (Tony stark’s driver in Iron Man)

Brett Dalton (Agents of Shield)

Clark Gregg (Avengers, Agents of Shield)

Paul Bettany (the voice behind JARVIS – Tony Starks Computer in Iron Man, Avengers)

Chloe Bennett (Agents of Shield)

It was around 12:30, decided to call it a night, had seen enough celebs – Me and Vik would have loved to see Scarlett Johansson and Nita, Meeta similarly were longing to see Robert Downey Jr, unfortunately not this time, they will have to wait till the next trip!

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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