Day 17 (11/4)– San Diego Seaworld & LA Hollywood

Another early start, packed the bags in the VAN and headed out to Sea World, arrived by 9am.

No need to buy tickets here, it was part of the CityPass tickets we already had.


9:30 the park opened, first stop Starbucks in the park. None of us had breakfast. Nita suggested the Chai Tea Latte, that turned out to be the best coffee alternative in US for me.

Whilst we had a quick breakfast, Kids were playing with the fish in the nearyby ponds.


First stop of the day was the Manta Coaster. There were virtually no queues on that, we ending up going on it multiple times! This was a FUN roller coaster.

After a few rounds of that, it was time to head to the famous Killer Whale Show.

The stands had clearly marked SPLASH zones, where you could get wet, Dian, Pooja and Neha wanted to get wet and moved forward, they put on the Disney Ponchos just in case! Unfortunately there zone did not get much water all.

We then moved to the “Play with the Dolphin” area, hoping to get a chance to touch some. And we did get lucky!

Next to Sesame street, whilst Kids were enjoying the Sesame Street Abbey ride, me and Vik organised lunch, this would have to be the best lunch of all theme parks, they were cooking made to order Gourment Sandwiches, we ordered a few of these. Even kids loved it!


We finished the Park at 3pm, this was not ideal but we did not want to be driving in the dark and wanted to reach LA before nightfall.

Once on the freeway, I contacted our AirBnB contact, and informed her of our estimated arrival, she replied quickly with confirmation of someone meeting us at the apartment. Atleast this booking was good, did not need another booking stuff up.

Arrived at the apartment around 6:30pm, it was off Hollywood Blvd, one block to the Dolby theatre, location was perfect. The apartment was very nice, with three bedrooms, kitchen and the best part – we had a Washing Machine and Dryer.

Got out of the apartment around 8pm, first stop was the Sushi place in the same block on Hollywood Blvd. The Sushi rolls were very very nice, especially the Lobster and Crab variety, it was much better than what I have had in Brisbae. Neha and Pooja had the best time eating their favourite. Also tried their Spicy Chowmein – the spicy flavour was very good, it is so good to get proper spicy food!!

Next to see a bit of Hollywood Blvd, the walk of fame and the Chinese Theatre.

Being a Saturday night, there were lots of musicians and people performing on the boulevard. It was fun but also the kids were not used to these style of street performers, with some being a bit intimidating for the them! Neha did not like this place much, she was missing Disney Sad smile. I guess Sat night on Hollywood Blvd is not really for kids!

Got back to the apartment around 10:30pm, time to get everyone organised for sleeping. Tomorrow was sightseeing and visiting Artesia (little India in LA).

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    Sea World
    * Shark Bay * Sea Lion Live * Shark Bay * Killer Whale Show * Dolphin show
    It wasn’t as fun as expected but if you like caring for sea creatures then come here!

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