Day 16 (10/4)– San Diego (Legoland & Old Town)

Another early morning start. Loaded all bags in the VAN, were on the road around 8am headed for Legoland. Morning run was good, not much traffic on the freeway.


By 9:45am we were at Legoland, were there before the park opened!


Pooja was super excited to see the Heartlake City characters. She has been collecting these for the last couple of years.


It was great to see these life size characters made entirely of Lego!


They also had the set that was used in the LEGO movie, very cool that mini city!


Lady at the front gate had highly recommended the VOLVO driving school ride for the kids. Time to do that. This was so similar to the LEGO City sets!


Pooja was not following any of the road signs, the STOP and GIVEWAY did not make any difference to her, infact I do not think she used her brakes at all.

Neha was not too impressed with this, problem was everything was now being compared to Disney!


Next was the Egyptian ride, the only thing good about this ride was the activity they had for kids whilst waiting.


We waited for more than one hour for this ride, it was a shoot’em ride, not much excitement on it and definitely not worth it for waiting this long.

MiniLand was next, was looking forward to this.

Miniland would have to be the highlight of this place – replica’s of famous monuments made entirely of LEGO, it was very cool.

However my favourite was the Starwars Replica!

By 3:30pm we had finished the park, time to head out and make the most of San Diego.
My review of Legoland, it is missing the atmosphere of Disney, there is NO MUSIC, a small thing but makes such a difference. The park simply lacked the happy atmosphere. If we would have done this park first we may have enjoyed it more, however if coming from Disney & Universal, it does not stack up especially considering it has similar entry costs!

Drive to our Hotel was another hour, did not realise how far Legoland was from San Diego. Hotel in San Diego, was very close to Sea World. In the reception a surprise awaited us. They did not have our booking and were all full!! I had the printed vouchers, still no luck. We had used for all our bookings and this was the first one with issues. Ringing, we only got an answering service!!
Well time to look for another place, just around the corner we found one – lucky did not have to look far!

Checked in, unloaded the VAN, quick freshen up and time to head out. Mitesh (Neema’s husband) had recommended “Fiesta De Reyes” a great Mexican restaurant in a place called OLD TOWN.

Arriving in Old Town, the place was so different to San Diego. The entire place is a Mexican themed town, lots of markets, food outlets and music. And it was very COLD at this time of the evening!

Roaming about the place, finally located Fiesta De Reyes.

This place was not just a restaurant, but another marketplace with other shops, cafes and the central Mexican restaurant. The restaurant had a wait of around 45 minutes, they were going to sms us once the table was available, time to explore this place.


Kids were having a fun time, we went into a store selling HOT sauces, Vik and me both bought a bottle each of their popular variety. Next found a CAFÉ with dessert and were looking at the cakes when the lady behind the counter approached us and went on about how good her coffee was and would guarantee we would love it, Vik was telling her how unimpressed he was with US coffee. Decided to give their coffee a try.


It was still not as good as OZ coffee, but was the BEST coffee we had so far. Would recommend this place to all, nice cosy spot.

It was about 1 hour before the table was ready, their mexican corn chips and dips were the best. Mitesh was soo right, the food here was amazing.

Finished of at old town close to 10pm, now to explore a bit of the city – just a VAN tour. Mitesh had also suggested a drive by of 5th avenue in the city to see a bit of the San Diego nightlife. So far it seemed like a quite place. Arriving closer to 5th Avenue, we realised this place was BIG and BUSY at night.  The 5th Avenue place was more like Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley, lots of PUBS, Clubs and loud music.

Vik suggested a drive by the harbour, why not. Was not much until we passed the USS Midway. I had that on my list of things to do, however our schedule had not allowed it, and now we were there! Massive Aircraft carrier permanently docked here and operating as a museum to the public. Wish I had one more day in San Diego, would have loved to go aboard this ship!


We were viewing the ship from the parklands opposite, next to the big FIRST KISS statue.

Above, USS Midway @ San Diego.

Headed back to the hotel, it was another long day, tomorrow was Seaworld!

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