Day 15 (9/4)–Disneyland Final Day

Two big days of Disney had left us all very tired. Just one more day to cover of the remainder. Got to the park by 8:30am. Headed to DisneyLand, wanted to finish the Small world and take pics with Mickey & Minnie. First got a fastpass for Space Mountain, then to explore around.




(Photopass Photographer in action)

Photos done, now time for small world.

Next headed to Toon Town, we had not done that well yesterday, now to explore each of the small houses. We were in luck there, Minnie and Mickey were at their houses!! Neha and Pooja were in the queue for Minnie, time for Pooja to get Minnie’s autograph.

Next to visit Mickey. Queue for Mickey was a bit long, during the wait times, noticed Goofy was also in town, Nita held our queue place, whilst me and kids ran off to meet Goofy and to get his autograph.


Next it was time to make the most of the zero length queue at the Toon Town Coaster, kids went on that 3 times!

Time to get Pluto’s autograph.


Neha had seen a few people with Disney lanyards and pins, she managed to find one in a store nearby. She got a starter pack with extra pins for trading. Now she was asking random people in the park if they wished to trade! She did get lucky a couple of time!

It was getting close to 10:30 now, I could get our second fastpass (one fastpass is allowed every two hours), left Nita and kids to explore and meet back at Space Mountain, whilst I hurried over to California Park to grab fast pass to Cars Ride. I got there just past 10:30, could not believe all the fastpasses for the day were GONE! Headed to California Screamin coaster to grab a fastpass to that – was in luck.

Back at Disney, met with the family @ Space Mountain, one last time on that ride. It was around 11:30, time to head over to California Park.


Off to California Park.

It was past midday, time for a snack, walking past the Pier @ California Park, saw Ghirardelli and decided to do an Ice Cream LUNCH. We had missed this in San Francisco, this would make it up for that! Me and Nita ordered a Sundae, kids had a Milkshake each, and Nita also ordered an EMPTY waffle cone dipped in Chocolate – she loved these Waffle Cones!

We could see the California Screamin coaster from where we were, noticed there were no carts travelling on it! The ride must be closed! Decided to rest around a bit more, kids were all tired. Left them to rest and headed to the Grizzly River ride to grab fastpasses to that.

Headed to the California Screamin coaster after 30 minutes, ride was now operational, used the fastpass for quick entry and were on the ride again! Lots of fun here!



California Screamin Coaster–takeoff!


Now to Grizzly River Run ride. On the way, we passed the Redwood Creek Challenge Trail for kids, involved solving a few puzzles and navigating an obstacle course. Neha and Pooja were up for that, enough walking for rides, they wanted to have some FUN!


Neema joined us soon after 2pm. Neha and Pooja were super excited to see Neema foi! Time to go to the next ride, the Grizzly River Run, this was a River Rapids ride with a very good chance of getting wet & Nita did not want to get wet. Good chance for Neema to join in. We did not have our ponchos from the first night with us for protection, instead we put on our warm jackets, this should be cover enough from the water!

River rapid ride was great, Me and Pooja came out quite wet, lucky for out jackets.
Headed off next to the Cars Land.

Pooja was needing some snack by this time, Neema suggested trying the Bacon Cheese Mac sold at the Cosy Cone in Cars Land (Cheese Macaroni with Bacon). Got one, Pooja absolutely loved it, had to go for a second cone for Neha.



Did the Mater ride next, a long queue for that.

Then it was time to move to hollywood area in the park, had not done the Monster Inc ride.


Was getting close to 5pm, now to buy some Disney Souvenirs and Pins for Neha. Using Neema’s annual Disney pass, we saved a fair bit of the purchases. Called Vik, and told him we were all done with Disney and now heading to Downtown Disney to do some final toy shopping for Pooja, and maybe also eat there. He was going to join us there.

Pooja got her Tangled Rapunzel House and Neha had lots and lots of Disney Pins!


Met up with Vik & family around 6pm in Downtown Disney, unfortunately most restaurants here had long wait times. After searching around unsuccessfully, we decided to get out of Disney and head to PF Changs! We had very much enjoyed that in Vegas, were longing for that food!

Neema was great, she called Mitesh to not come to Disney instead head directly to PF Changs to book a table for us, she also took Neha and Pooja with her to PF Changs. Me, Nita, Vik & family took the shuttle back to the hotel, we were going to drive to PF Changs in our VAN.


By the time we reached PF Changs it was already 8pm, Pooja was sleeping in Neema’s lap, Neha was having a good laugh with Mitesh, she was getting very fond of her Mitesh fua! Did not realise that Mitesh had been waiting at this place for over an hour!! Poor guy was here for so long for us! Finally got our table. All seated, Vik suggested soup, top idea that!! Soup was sooo good. All other dishes were just as good. This place is highly recommended.

Throughout the night, Neha and her Mitesh fua had an absolute ball! Neha was so enjoying his company.


It had been a great night and was so good meeting up Mitesh and Neema, for the last 2 nights they had both given us a great time, loads of memories in a short span. Hoping to see them soon back in OZ.

Time to call it a night, tomorrow morning we are heading to San Diego for LegoLand.

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