Day 11 (5/4)–Vegas Venetian, Circus Circus & Caesars

Last full day in Vegas, today was a free day to roam about other Casinos.
First off was Buffet Brunch @ Wicked Spoon in our hotel. Let the kids sleep in, today morning was just me and Nita!


Being fairly early in the morning, the queues were not overly long. Whilst in the queue reading the buffet menu, noticed how they also offered takeout options, which essentially was, you purchased a takeout container and filled it with whatever you could fit in – this would be perfect for Neha and Pooja, who were still sleeping in the room!

Finally seated, the buffet was huge, lots of variety. We ended up staying there for about an hour. Half way through Vik & family also came down to the buffet.
Having had a bit of everything from breakfast to dessert, we were very well stuffed! Now to fill-up the takeaway for the kids, loaded it with their favorite pancakes, pastries and also added some gelato! The takeout also included takeway tea for Neha & Pooja. If only we would have known this earlier, we could have done this on the first few days here.

Back to the room, kids were still sleeping, wake em up, time for their breakfast. Both enjoyed their breakfast. Was so much easier to sort their breakfast in the room rather than getting them up, showering, getting ready and then ushering them down.  

Our first stop for the day was the Venetian, another massive resort.
Mum and Dad stayed here on their last visit to US, and they had been very impressed by it. Stepping into the place it was on a grand scale.


Moments: At the Canal, I was trying to get a pic of kids and Nita in the background on the bridge, soon after the guy next to her in the above pic, try’s to flirt with her, all the while me and Neha are laughing cause Nita was so in shock. The guy also offered twice a handshake and on both occasions Nita just stood there frozen. Was on the third attempt that she finally shook hands, and then quickly came over to where we were. First thing she said to me, “give me my hand sanitiser, I need to wash my hands, ewww!!”



Walked past the Godiva Chocolate Shop, where the ladies were preparing fresh Godiva Chocolates.



Left Venetian around 2pm, headed back, kids were getting tired from walking around. Dropped the girls & Nita at Cosmopolitan, then headed off to Walgreens pharmacy to pickup another prescription of Tamiflu – me and Neha were feeling a bit off, so taking no chances.

Afternoon plan, was to take our VAN and drive to Circus Circus, this was one of my requests, I had stayed there in 1986 when I came with my Parents & Bhavik, lots of memories attached to that!

Loaded the crew in the VAN and drove off. It was good having our own transport, everyone was thankful for limiting the walking, and all got too see the strip while relaxing in our personal LIMO Winking smile. As we approached the Circus Circus area, Vik and Meeta were showing us where they stayed, during their honeymoon.

Entered the Circus Circus property, not sure where to Park, simply headed to the VALET and left it with them, so simple! Love how all Casinos here have VALET service for all types of cars, even VANS!


Unlike the strip Casinos, this place was so dated. The Casino did not feel quite in place with this decade. On a positive note though, the tables here had the best min bets, unlike the strip where minimum blackjack bets were around $15, here it was $2!!!, pity we were here to entertain kids so another sacrifice!!.
Headed to the upper level where the kids fun park was. Stepping there, all the kids felt the rush of FUN, it was like someone had injected them all with Adrenalin! Time to have fun.


Also got to watch the circus acrobatic show which seemed to be occurring every couple of hours. After lots more playing, it was time to exit, Pooja wanted to have a go on the Unicorn game, she soo wanted the DespicableMe Unicorn. Luck was on her side, she got the Unicorn on her first go. Other bigger kids near her could not believe it, they had been trying a few times unsuccessfully and my little one does it in first go.

Headed out of there, next stop was Caesars Palace, we wanted to eat at “Trevi” the Italian restaurant next to the Roman fountains. At Caesars, parking was again via the VALET, however this time the guys asked us to park at the VIP park zone, the undercover Parking was not high enough for our VAN. Some luck for us, this parking was directly near the entry!


We were lucky tonight, the Italian restaurant “Trevi” next to the fountain had no wait, I guess not many ate before 8pm!


(Trevi Italian restaurant @ Caesars Palace – Food was A+)

Had a great night there, food was amazing, and we shared lots of good laughs, especially with Pooja’s Unicorn, Aaria and Pooja were having a debate with me on where the Unicorn got its CONE from. My theory was, it was a horse who was not sure where its mouth was and tried eating an IceCream cone, which accidently got stuck on its head!! Aaria and Pooja were arguing with me on this point all night!!

Time to head back, Veena Masi & Pravin Masa were also wanting to catch-up tonight, but first to a local petrol station to fill up for the long drive to LA tomorrow morning.

Arrived at Cosmopolitan around 11pm, kids were all sleeping by now, tucked them in bed, I went downstairs to the Casino to catch-up with Masi & Masa. Joined them at the slot machines. Finally I could play a few rounds without kids time pressures, must have been a lucky machine masi picked, my $10 resulted in $40. We ended up spending close to an hour on the machines. Around midnight we finished with the slots, and went up to my room. There our chats continued till 1.30am, about when we said our farewells, was so good to catchup with Masi and Masa. Now it was time to sleep, tomorrow (or today) was going to be a long day with the drive to LA.

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