Day 8 (2/4)–Vegas

Not a good start today, Nita & Pooja both had flu symptoms with a temperature. Got them organised and headed out to the GP appointment at CVS (lucky I had made the appointment last night!). Left Neha in the hotel, and headed out with Pooja and Nita to our 9:30 appointment. Arrived @ CVS and was seen promptly by the GP, both were diagnosed with flu and required Tamiflu medication. Unlike back home where the government subsidies medication, US is very expensive with this, the tablets costs $152 for each person, speaking with the pharmacist, apparently even locals pay that price who do not have private insurance, and with insurance the subsidy is only around $20! What was impressive was the CVS store offering basic GP services and providing prescription medication on the strip!

Back at the hotel, Pooja was in no mood to go out again and wanted to rest, too tired from the walk to and from the GP. Vik and family had already headed out to the North outlet shopping. Me, Nita and Neha decided to hang around near the hotel and have a light lunch. Remembered Nickesh recommending a very good sandwich place @ Planet Hollywood, being directly opposite our hotel, we headed there, had no idea what the name of the sandwich place was! Entered the Miracle Mile arcade @ Planet Hollywood, and noticed a busy Sandwich place close by, “Earl of Sandwich” its slogan “Worlds greatest hot sandwich” big claim, maybe this was the place Nickesh had recommended?


Queued up and ordered the Chicken Chipotle and Avocado BLT sandwiches. Wait was only a few minutes.


The sandwiches did live up to the slogan, these would have to be the best sandwiches we had tasted to date! The Chicken Chipotle was our favourite! Neha who is normally not fond of sandwiches was also enjoying the Chipotle sandwich.

Post our quick lunch, I headed to McDonalds to get Nuggets and Chips for Pooja, Nita and Neha decided to hang around and do the Miracle Mile shopping! Heading back to the room with McDonalds, I received a call from the Hotel security informing me that Pooja was alone in the room! Informed them I was on the way with McDonalds for her. I got into the room soon after, Pooja had no idea what was happening. Asked her did anyone come by, it was the maids who make up the room, maybe they had raised the alarm of a child being left in the room! Couple of minutes later, I get a knock on the door, standing outside was a security guard, he was very surprised to see me in the room. Told him I was the father and had stepped out to get lunch for Pooja. He double checked with hotel security downstairs and got the all clear. Would have been interesting if I had not been there ! Wonder what there next step would have been?

Pooja soon finished her lunch, rang Nita and told her to meet me in the lobby, next stop for us was the North Premium Outlet mall, and Pooja was also coming with us this time, not having any more security issues! Got a taxi there, ride was only around 10 minutes.

This place was similar to Harbour Town @ Gold Coast, an open air mall.


Lots of good branded outlets, everyone ended up getting lots of shopping done. Before we knew it, the time was 6pm! Time to head back to the hotel.

Vik & family were already at the hotel when we arrived, time for a quick freshen up and head out for dinner.


Headed into Planet Hollywood to check the dinner offerings there. Of interest to us was SPICE Market Buffet, offering a variety of cuisines.


Vik and I ordered the unlimited drinks package, why not!

Food was good, I started off with cold seafood, surprisingly Pooja took a liking to cold shrimps, we both went through a few plates of that. Next was a bit of italian, American roast, Chinese and of course, loads of dessert. Kids also had a great time with dessert, they even had Candy floss – something for everyone! By the end, we all had over indulged a fair bit! Now to burn it off, time for more walking on the strip.

Headed to the next Casino, Paris. Kids were surprisingly in good spirits, maybe it was the desserts, well they were still smiling for the camera!


The Paris casino décor was very much like actual Paris with a great big Eifel tower in the centre.


Upon entering the casino, Pooja & Neha made an interesting remark, they had seen bikini models dancing on high tables between the gaming tables and had not liked that too much. They complained to me how inappropriate the place was and I should not be seeing all that! 😉

Quickly ushered them on to the Eifel tower, that would be more appropriate for the kids I guess! Vik and I got the tickets for the tower, wait was only around 15 minutes, not too bad.


Had not realised how tall this duplicate tower was until I was in the lift going up. It is a scary feeling being so close to the edge and so high up. It was very windy and cold up there, but the view was worth it.


Pooja and Nita soon left the top and headed down, it was too cold for them. I stayed with Neha and Vik & family for a few more minutes and soon the cold windy weather had won against us, we all were on our way down. Reached down and located Nita, Pooja was soo tired by this stage, she was sitting in the lobby against the wall almost nodding off. We quickly bought our photos the Photographer had taken and headed back to our hotel. Time to call it a night.

Nita and Pooja did well to cover off all this today in not the best health, did not give up!

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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