Day 2–Hong Kong (Citygate & Peak)

Day 2 first morning in Hong Kong, did not have the best of sleeps for both of us, missing our bed…. Crazy it was, both of us were up around 5 am and just could not get back to sleep… Nita was busy chatting with Neha who obviously did not realise the chatting with mum at 9am (Fiji time) is 5am HK time! Well atleast it made Nita relaxed know Neha was having a great great time there.
At around 7:30, I checked in with Jayesh, he had just gotten up around then – since we had a lot to cover today, we agreed to all meet up for breakfast at 8am. The big day plan was due to our iPhone weather man having reported, Thursday being clear and the other days all rain! We had to cover off, Big Bhudda (for Jayesh/Priya – we had already done that), visit the Citygate outlet place and the Peak today.

Around 9 am , post breakfast, headed to the TST MTR station , destination LANTAU island, the train ride was quick and efficient, we were there around 9:45 – time was of the essence!


All decided to visit the outlet place first, Nita & me could head back with Jayesh/Priya’s shopping whilst they do Big Bhudda, however to our dismay, we found out the majority of the stores do not open till 10:30-11!!  To make the most of the available time, we decided to split, Jayesh Priya could do Big Bhudda now, and we would all just meet up at the hotel later on.

We finished off our outlet browsing just after midday and headed back to Hotel, the plan was to have Sushi, had seen a good place across our Hotel. We were so busy chatting did not realise our stop go by and had ended up at Kowloon station. Got off, and to our surprise, this was the same station where we checked-in to our flights when flying out with the family 2 years back! Connected to the station was the Elements mall – memories all coming back now from 2 years. Headed there, we had seen some nice restaurants in our last visit however could not really experience that with kids! This was our chance, decided on a Sushi place –  “San-ryo”, looked quite good. There were a few people waiting, got the to-seated place, was told to use the touch screen to enter details: number of PAX, and telephone contact, could not understand what was occuring, till I got handed my ticket number!! So we were in an electronic queue! Very cool system, especially for a restaurant.

(the sushi place, and Nita waiting for our turn)

We only had to wait around 5 minutes, and am so glad we did hang around …. food was excellent. Also interesting was how green tea, Nita requested one, waitress pointed out to the empty cup, the stash of green tea powder and the instant hot water outlet on every seat ….. that was impressive!
(nita making her green tea)

Got back to the hotel around 3:30 pm, break time. Jayesh and Priya made it back to the hotel soon after….. gave ourselves an hour to freshen and then we hit the roads again, wanted to finish of the peak during dusk.

We got to the Peak Tram station soon enough, were shocked to see the number of people there, apparently everyone was interested in seeing the views from the Peak at Dusk! The queue for the Tram was long, a 2.5 hour wait – this was at 5:40pm and we only had a further 1.5 hours of light left in the day.
(too many people queuing for the Peak Tram)
All agreed to take a taxi up, which was an obstacle in itself, seemed like lots of people were doing that. After 10 minutes we got lucky and landed a Taxi. Got to the peak soon enough.

The first stop was at the Peak Galleria, which is opposite the main viewing building platform. This had great views to the ocean side of HongKong.
Then it was off to the main Peak viewing tower facing the City side.




Caught some very good sights of HK skyline from dusk till dark, however the windy platform was not the most comfortable, soon after we made our way down, the plan was to take the tram down and then head out for dinner.
But the Tram was not meant to be for us tonight, the queue for going down was also crazy, change of plans, we decided to explore some more the peak galleria and surrounds – and am so glad we did that!


During our exploration, we came across the “Decor Cafe Bar & Grill” its atmosphere was good, but what caught our attention was the dessert menu – ladies got very interested!



(flaming creme brulee)

Food was very good, we had BBQ Pork ribs, Aussie lamb Chops! and Pasta, complimented by perfectly chilled Carlsberg – just the way I like it, and desserts was wow!

Got a Taxi back, which also required some bargaining – to avoid the massive queue for metered taxis.

Overall a great day and night. Smile

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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