Day 30, Mumbai 31st Dec

Second last day in Mumbai – times almost up for me!!
Let Neha and Pooja sleep in today, enough sleep would allow them to last through the new years night!!

I went off to the Taj to pickup the tickets for the evenings dinner – I would require this to gain entry on the night, and after waiting for the festivities desk to open, finally had my tickets!!
(Taj lobby area, tickets to our New Year Dinner)

We were to party, eat and drink at the Shamiana buffet restaurant with live music and unlimited drinks – yes alcoholic drinks!! Surprisingly of the 5500/rs per person, close to 2000/rs is taxes!!

Back at Gulistan hotel, Neha and Pooja were up, ordered room service breakfast for all – we after all wanted to take it very easy today. Around 1pm I got McDonalds for them again!!!

Decided to head off back to Bhuleshwar – Pooja had been whinging about not getting the Krishna metal murti with clothes for dressup, back at Hari Om Shringar, got the murti and got some additional Krishna shringar. I was happy she was soo interested in playing dressup with Krishna – rather have that then playing DS!!

Next stop was Zaveeri Bazaar, directly behind Bhuleshwar – wanted to buy something for Nita before I was out of here! It was close to 3pm, headed directly for Dwarkadas – recommended by a few, and I did not want to waste too much time. Whilst browsing & chatting with the salesman Pravin (I think) –  he mentioned how Mukesh Hazrat & family were also there for Poonam’s wedding shopping just last year – at that I made up  – “yes he did recommend this shop, so now make sure you give me a very good price!!!”… he was yes of course we look after our good customers!
Nita finally selected a couple of pieces she wanted –  this started the negotiating process – finally had them at a price I felt comfortable and all ok! Since they would be closed the next day, the guy promised to have the pieces and the chain (needed it shortened) to us by 8 pm tonight at the hotel – that was fine, as we would not be heading off to Taj till 8:30.

Reached back at the hotel around 5 pm, time to get Pooja and Neha some butter chicken and chapattis for dinner (The Taj new years dinner was to start @ 9pm, a bit late for kids to wait). Back in the room, the jewellery order did come around 8:15pm, all in tack and nicely polished!

Got taxi to Taj around 8.45 pm, kids were super excited to be going to there – (I had hyped about it a bit too much!!). Getting near Taj, security were everywhere, lots of Police at every intersection.  The main entrance to Taj had been closed from 5pm, tonight everyone going to Taj was to use the rear entrance, which was as per Taj’s standard grandly decorated and also heavily secured by security personal.

(outside Taj, road blocks and more security, Shamiana – our restaurant & party venue for the night)

(Neha in Taj hotel)

Our table location was great – close to the dance floor & live band, and directly next to the dessert bar!!! All tables had party hats and trumpets – this Neha & Pooja loved – after all the night was meant to be loud!!
First were drinks – and did they have a good variety of drinks on offer, however me being a beer man, had to start with a Kingfisher, Nita went for the Champagne and kids went for Coke.

Time to eat… Dinner buffet selection was amazing, cuisines included Malaysian, Chinese, Italian, roasts, Indian and then seafood – lobsters and crabs….. damn the range was big!! Roast also included a Peking Duck, which was mind blowing!! Slow and steady did it for me. Neha got into the chicken tikka , whilst Pooja was loving the Gnocchi. Nita tried a bit of everything, she was waiting for desserts!
All along the live band consisting of a two person team were playing some great western tunes – kept the feet tapping all night.
(Rianna , she kept our feet tapping all night with great tunes)

Operation Dessert was next!! Nita took the lead and I was more than happy for that. Too many varieties, we just had to try em all! It was crazy with Pooja, she wanted to taste some and was helping herself but then placing the ones she did not like back on the serving trays!!, had to follow her closely to avoid that! Neha loved the chocolate fountain

(dessert madness)

I had now switched to Scotch on rocks – it was less filling than beer – after all I had to have space for desserts!! Nita had already had a few champagnes, now it was time for Cocktails. Neha and Pooja had already hit the dance floor and were having a blast

(lets party)

We joined them soon after – lots of crazy dancing, and lots and lots of fun.

(Neha & Pooja got a big hug from Rianna – was waiting for mine!, then Nita came!)

(could not get Pooja away from the ice sculture for long!)

Soon it was countdown time, and New Years was welcomed with lots more dancing & drinking. Today I fly back!!! lets now worry too much now, just continue drinking and dancing!
Around 1:45 we all quite tired started to make our way out, still Neha wanted to go on!!! how much stamina does she have – am very worried about her teens.

a bit tired now!!
(goodbye Taj)

Outside @ 2am, the road near Taj was not overly crowded, however that was only due to the police restricting people from coming there, past them, lots more people and cars, took us about 10 minutes to find a taxi – everyone was looking for one.

mumbai police - security was everyhwere
(outside Taj rear entrance, kept cleared by Police)
DSC02715waiting for a taxi @ 2am
New Taj @ 2am New Years, looking for taxi

In the taxi – Neha tells me this was one of her best nights, and she would like to do New Years again in Mumbai – seems like my next holiday plans are already being made!

Nita and I both agreed, we are all coming back for another new years here, nothing like New Years in Mumbai!… question is when???

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