Day 29, Mumbai 30th Dec

Kids were very excited today – Dilesh & family were in the same hotel – hence the chance of meeting Jeetal and Sachin. Did not really want to disturb them – they had only checked-in around 3 am! Nita and I went down for breakfast and hopefully meet foi/fua before they departed for Navsari – found out foi had an upset tummy, no problems – went to our mobile dispensary (we were carrying lots of medications for the just in cases!!) for the same stuff that fixed Nita – hopefully that would work for foi. Bid them farewell soon after – they were off to Navsari in Manga bhai’s car.

Back in our room, Neha told me how Jeetal had rang our room – obviously she must have been excited the same. Was a big reunion in their room, chatted about each of our holidays so far, kids were running mad, they were all very happy to be together. Sachin was still the chubby one, had to squash him a bit!

We all then visited Chandrakant Kaka and kaki. Their place is only around 5 minutes walk from Gulistan. On the way there, I had to ask Sachin how he found India, he just shook his head – cannot really blame him – only his first day, will take a couple more days to get used to the dirtiness/filth – and start ignoring it!

Met Kaka and Kaki, they were very happy to see us all, they were seeing the kids for the very first time!

Next Dilesh took us to a wonderful Chinese restaurant, now that we were 8 in the group, took 2 taxi’s, I travelled with all the kids, Dilesh, bhabhi & Nita came in the other. Along the way Sachin commented on how the cars kept sounding their horns – just wait till he goes to Navsari, it is horn madness there.
The Chinese restaurant was in SOBO Central – next to Hera Panna, and luckily there was a McDonalds directly under the restaurant. Quickly got 2 Maccas meals  – for Pooja and Sachin.
The Chinese place was brilliant, however the service was shockingly slow -which did not help Dilesh, he had to be at the airport by 7 and still had lots to do. Food when it did arrive was very nice.

(Nita and Bhabhi having a great time)

From there, we split up, Dilesh was heading to Chetans office, we had to go to Bhuleshwar to finalise the murti’s.
Were now headed to “Hari OM Shringar”, same place Vinod kaka bought his murti’s from. (Had spoken to kaka earlier to get the name of the shop and its location),
Taxi dropped us off @ the edge of Bhuleswar – apparently the place is sooo crowded it is not a good place for cars – and correct he was. Lots of people in the market. This place is packed with small stores, and lots of em. Finally found the store we were after, luckily 2pm is not a very busy time for them, we all could seat and then the slow process of selecting the murti’s and then all the Shringar – took us close to 3 hours there, was surprised Neha was enjoying the browsing with Nita, however Pooja had a difficult time, she was getting bored and annoying Neha for time pass!! The guy at the store were great, ordered softdrinks for them, then some chocolates – they wanted Pooja to be calm so we could spend more!!

Finalised all and headed back to Gulistan around 7 pm, all very tired. At the hotel, we all just crashed, very long day it seemed.
Had also forgotten to organise something for New Years tomorrow, rang a few other places with no luck for entertainment with kids, finally got lucky @ Taj Hotel, they had a special New Years dinner with live band, unlimited drinks (alcholic as well!!) all till 2 am and the best bit kids were very welcome, Taj has around 11 restaurants and this one was specifically catered to families – awesome struck gold. Made a tentative booking – wanted to check with Chetan first (was told payment was required by end of day to retain booking!!)
Tonight we were invited @ Chetans place for dinner. From the moment I mentioned to Neha & Pooja that Chetan kaka had two daughters – they wanted to meet them (this was before our holidays started). Tonight they were excited at the chance of finally meeting them. Reached his place around 8:30. Bhabi looked the same since we last saw her 5 years back, however the girls had grown – 5 years is a long time!! His kids were gorgeous, and Sneha (grade 12) also got in to entertaining Neha Pooja, she brought out lots of their board games – it was great.
Re: New Years dinner, Chetan recommended the Taj, rang in and paid for our table of 4, it was 5500/rs per person, luckily Neha and Pooja were free (Had to pay to reserve it, they were not holding any reservations without payment), was told to pick up the tickets tomorrow morning – which would be required for the Dinner.
Back @ Chetans dinner, a wonderful dinner it was, although Bhabi was vegeterian, she had cooked an amazing chicken dinner for us – and the best part – they also prefered not too spicy, just want I wanted and also prefered by the kids!

Neha and Pooja with Sneha

with Henna, playing Wii

Left Chetans place around 11pm, by the time we got to Gulistan Neha and Pooja had dozed off in the cab.

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