Day 7–New Delhi, 8th Dec

Day 2 in India, today’s plan was simple, no travelling, staying in Karol Bagh and finishing shopping for Neha, Pooja and Nita – girls gone wild shopping!

Woke up around 7:30, however did not get out of bed till 9, just fooling around with kids till then. Nita was feeling better today, although still not 100%. Had a work call around 9 today from Kahn, atleast unlike the last work call I was not in the toilet! The call required me to VPN into to work, following that, there was another lengthy work call with Ranjiv, requiring more VPNing and investigative stuff… soon I realised it was past 10 and I had not had shower or done anything. 

It was rush time, for myself and Pooja, we were always the last! By the time we left our hotel it was 11. Had already missed breakfast, so decided to head to Raffles for late breakfast. (This is located above Anjlika Pastry Shop).


These place has lunch and dinner menu only; ordered Milk Shakes and Muffins for Kids, I had a coffee and Nita went for the Masala Tea, we also ordered a Chill Garlic Noodles. Kids loved their shakes, my coffee tasted very good and the Noodles were mind blowing, loved the chilli in it
(Neha enjoying her Vanilla shake, Nita having the yummy Chilli Garlic Noodles)

(McDonalds viewed from Raffles, cable mess!)

Following our brunch, we visited the lower level pastry shop (Anjlika), heaven for Pastry lovers
(Anjlika Pastry Shop @ Karol Bagh)

It was now time to start some serious shopping – go my CHAMAK – CHALLO’s.
Was a long process visiting numerous shops, each store visit was close to an hour. Kids were getting tired along the way, however it was still better than walking continuously, it was more the sitting around in the stores that was driving them to boredom. We did manage to get a few kids outfits in between – which also lifted their spirits, however that was always short lived.
(Neha waiting patiently for mummy to finish her selections, Pooja lying on the benches, bored)

Next was shopping for imitation jewellery. “Much More”(name of store) had a great range of jewellery, Nita and kids got very lucky there!

Lunch was late around 4pm, headed back to Raffles, ordered Butter Chicken, Veg Malai Kofta (Butter Chicken = happy kids, for me atleast).
(the big menu @ Raffles)

Next was some shoe shopping for the girls. Along the way Pooja spotted an Indian Barbie @ a toy store!! Well both the girls wanted it so another barbie was added to their collection.
(Neha & Pooja with their Indian Barbies)

Shoes shoes and more shoes!! A mind boggling range – it confused the kids as well.

(Karol Bagh Market)

Headed back to the Hotel, needed to sort out the luggage for tomorrows travel to Amritsar.
Would only be taking 1 luggage case with us and leaving the rest behind, this would be our first train journey with kids in India, start of by travelling light.

Called it a early night, needed to catch the 6:40 train from New Delhi station.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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  1. Priya khatri says:

    Excellent blogging Dharma. Now I see Nita with shopping bags…..keep it up guys. Hv fun & enjoy!!!

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