April 5th – Hobart – Bruny Island

Last full day. touring Bruny Island. First stop, coffee shop at Battery Point to pick up some Pastries, coffee’s to go. Not eating in, as that would take away more time from Bruny Island itself. Pit stop done, now back on the road.

Morning Pastry to go

Weather was not looking the best, a bit of rain coming through, fingers crossed it would clear by the time we reached the island.
Arrived at the ferry terminal – for those that do not know, Bruny Island access is via a ferry service that operates every 20 mins. No need to book, just rock up and queue for the next ferry. Cost is $46 / return per vehicle. This service is operated by Sealink.
Real easy, you just drive direct onto ferry and drive off once you reach. No getting out of the car!
Ferry time was just around 10 mins, it was docked and then one after another each car drove off the ferry – very neat!

Bruny map – Doc was navigating with key focus areas marked

We were on Bruny Island, first stop was the House of Whiskey. Lucky the rain had stopped or what appeared as not to have hit Bruny Island ;).

The Whiskey House

Great place to try some Tasmanian Whiskey and take in the nice surroundings. We ordered one round of tasting. Ladies were not too keen on the Whiskey’s.

Whiskey tasting @ House of Whiskey

Whiskey tasting @ 10:30 in the morning is so good when the weather is cold – does provide some natural heat!
Next stop was the Bruny Island Cheese & Beer Co.

This place was busy, we had to park on the road – the car park was full. The place had nice on-site fresh sourdough baked bread, plus good beer & gin range. Settled for a Cheese platter, Coffee and ofcourse some Gin tasting

A good break – energy refueling done, now to make our way down to The Neck! This is the thinnest part of the island, connecting both the north and south Islands.
It has a nice board walk with a brilliant 360 degree viewing platform at the highest point of the neck – be warned , it is more the 250+ steps to get up, but it is worth it.

Reaching the top was no easy feat, well not for me! But the view from the top is amazing – also make sure you bring your jacket – it sure is windy up here!
Whilst at the top, I approached a guy who was there with professional looking photography gear, whether he could take our group pic. He was really friendly and was more than happy to do it. He jumped on to a rock formation to get the height and helped us with some great shots.
Chatting with him further, realised he was a pro-photographer and was on the island for a 2 day shoot for an Air BnB property. He shared his instagram name – he has some very amazing pics of nature.

What goes up needs to come down, time to climb down all those stairs and head to our next stop that was lunch at Bruny Island Premium Wines. This was on the way to the light house.

Bruny Island Premium wine store front did not look much more than a big shed, but they did have a decent covered lunch area with heaters.
We ordered 3 lunch dishes to share – food was good but it did take a long time to come. Not ideal when we were on the clock to cover a few things.

Lunch break done, it was then time to head to the Light House – the lowest part of the island. This was around 30 mins away, not too far, but atleast 20 mins is driving through unsealed road. Lucky we had a rental, I would not want to take my car through this part of the road.

After a long stretch of noisy driving on the unsealed road, and the sound of pebbles hitting the bottom of the car – we finally arrived at the lighthouse. This drive was so worth it! Big cliffs on all sides with the light house proudly on the mountain top. Did not realise how windy it was until we got out of the car. Then it was a short trek to the lighthouse.

Whilst it was very cold this high up, the views were amazing! I took my time but the others were already making their way down.

Lighthouse was great, highly recommend you visit this place.
Now it was making our way to the Bruny Island Chocolate place – hoping to get some nice coffee there…. but that was not to be :(.
Reaching the Chocolate place, it was essentially a small store selling just chocolates but no hot drinks or sit down service. Ahh well, no luck there. We all bought some small pieces and then it was in the car again for the final stop – landing place of Captain Cook.
Expecting this to be something special – it was nothing but a single sign!!

Captain Cooks landing here,. not much else to see here other than this sign!!

ok now what, there was a nearby Jetty, Cheeky made the most of more pics opportunities

Bruny island was all done, it was a very nice quick tour of the island and we had covered some good spots. Unfortunately the Oyster shack was missed but you cannot cover everything. It had been a good day.
Now to head back to Hobart, as the time was still not late, we decided to go direct to Honey Badger Dessert cafe at Salamanca – this place shuts at 9 and we did not want to miss it. So why not have dessert first and then have dinner later!! Moved our booking for Monsoon Thai to just after 8 pm, and we were at Honey Badger around 5:15pm.

Ordered the much needed coffees plus three desserts. Whilst waiting for our order, I roamed around to the tassal Salmon shop – I see this brand of Salmon in Woolies all the time, good to see the actual store in Hobart.

Back at Honey Badger, coffees were arriving and then the big one – desserts – YUMM!

Desserts were devine!! This is a must visit. The best was the chocolate brownie in my opinion. Stickey Date and Cheesecake were not bad at all but the Choc Brownie was super.

We were back at the hotel by 6:15 pm and had a good hour n half to rest up. Then it was ubers to take us to the Thai Monsoon restaurant. The Thai Monsoon was recommended by PM, it was at Battery Point, a cute little restaurant. Restaurant’s here are so deceiving. From the outside they do not look like much but once inside this place was packed!

For the final night, we did not go for cocktails and opted for wines. Tina and Meeta had the sweet variety and the rest had reds.
Food was good and on par with the quality of Brisbane.
It was a good last night and great wine.

Back at the hotel, we all decided to leave for the airport at 9am tomorrow – it was time to say good bye :(.
That night I suggested to Nita that we go for an early morning waterfront photo shoot as the weather was looking better, Nita was not too keen but had convinced her otherwise. Lets see if we get up then we do photoshoot else it is simply packup.

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  1. Hi Dharma and Nita. Looks like a great trip.. although my eyes were definitely drawn toward all the amazing looking food haha!

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