Mumbai Day 3 – 13th Jan

Early wake up and off for a morning walk. This was the first time Nita had set foot on Juhu beach.

The number of people on the beach was wow as was the activities going on there. A young group doing a power fitness class, another group with yoga mats performing yoga/gym exercises and then an elderly group performing the laughing yoga exercise and more – just amazing seeing the Indian beach lifestyle.

Back at the hotel, shower / breakfast done, now to hit the road again, this time to visit some boutique stores on Linking Rd and pickup some parcels from yesterday’s shopping. It was still only 9:15am, had a lot of time to kill, decided to take a walk on the beach towards Juhu Chowpatty, from there we would catch the auto and also get a different angle of the place whilst using up some time.

The beach was not as busy as the early morning phase, this was more now couples, families roaming about, even had a couple of photographers approaching us to take pics.

Then it was off to linking road via my fav means of transport – the Auto.

First stop had a few stores with both ladies and menswear stores around. We split up and finally made my first purchase!! Next was Levi’s and then off to the ladies things.

Around 1 we headed to pickup our parcels from yesterday’s shopping. Got them to get us more of the amazing grilled sandwich and followed by more shopping 😱.

There we met Dr. Bhagat from Lautoka, amazing small world, he was here for the Meghji wedding in Jaipur.

We then headed back to hotel to relax with a few drinks in their happy hour.

The Novotel outdoor area is highly recommended for afternoon sunset drinks, nice view of the sunset over the Arabian Sea. Ordered a round of drinks and aloo Chaat.

Nice relaxing moments, around 6 we got a call from the laundry man who collects and delivers clothes for washing – much cheaper than using hotel laundry (thanks Doc for the tip). Clothes delivered, we headed back to our room, clothes were all washed and nicely ironed eland folded – 5 ⭐️ . Next to pack all our excess luggage that we did not need in Navsari – these we were going to move to our next hotel (Intercontinental Marine drive) and reduce the number of bags we had to carry to Navsari.

Bags packed, called an OLA to take us to Marine drive – drive time of 1.5hrs!

South Mumbai does feel different, no auto’s, bit more organised driving (most cars actually stayed in marked lanes) and more historic buildings. Passed the massive house Ambani gifted his daughter for their wedding, then also saw his own house – the tower.

Reached Intercontinental, amazing lobby area and staff, quick to help us with the luggage and put it into storage.

That sorted, it was then to Cream Centre at Chowpatty. We got there after 9 and the place was packed – so different to back home in Brisbane. Was only a 5 min wait and we were seated.

Ordered Manchurian soup, Masala papad, some Sabji recommended by the wait staff and roti paratha. The food was super, Veg food is simply superb here – I love it ♥️.

It was a hearty meal, so fulfilling!

Got an OLA back to Novotel and call it a night.

Tomorrow we were off to Navsari!

About dharmeshkalyan

Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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