Day 11 – 24th Sept Paris (Disneyland)

Today was not a sleepin for the girls, it was time for the favourite – DISNEYLAND!! My second visit, 1998 was my first! Nita was not coming with us today, she was not too keen on the theme parks and wanted to spend the day roaming about in Paris.

By 8.30am, we had all left the hotel for the subway – it was a cold morning – around 12 degrees. Tickets purchased, then to the platform to catch our direct train to Disney – so lucky we were staying next to the best train line! In ‘98, I remember having to change two trains to get to Disney.


Train journey was just over 45 minutes (Disney was the last stop on the line!), kids were super excited getting through the security gates of Disney! Walking through security, we could see the main entrance to the Disney park, on the other side was the entrance to Walt Disney Studios park, that we were doing later in the day, aim in the morning were to finish off most of the Disneyland thrill rides.


Through the gates and we were in the magical world of Disney, so true, this is the HAPPIEST PLACE!! Just love the Disney feel, am soo in love with the Disney Parks! Grabbed the park map and then it was time to attack the rides! We all agreed to split up, every family had different priorities, for us it was simply getting the major thrill rides done.

First the Hyperspace mountain – this is the old Space mountain, now renamed to align with Stars Wars! Lots of Star Wars themed attractions – love it!



The Hyperspace mountain was brilliant, flying in the dark dodging tie fighters! They have enhanced the space mountain coaster with Star Wars themes so well.

From here we went across to Adventure Land, where we ran into in with Vik and Dian, hung around with them for a few more rides.

The Indian Jones coaster was lots of fun. Next we decided to head to the Walt Disney Studio Park, time to finish the key rides there.

What a great entry, the Cars theme! Would have loved to spend more time here, but we only had one day to cover lots, time to quickly move to the rides…
Next ride was the Hollywood Tower of Terror, Pooja was sitting this out Sad smile.

Lots of screaming in this one, the 4 of us got the front row of the lifts !!! YAY!



Then it was the Nemo ride and Rock ‘n’ Roller coaster, a bit of roaming about and back to the Disneyland Park for a late lunch, finish off Big Thunder Mountain (final ride), and then some shopping for the girls!


Lunch was at Hakuna Matata, good food there, Pooja and Neha enjoyed it!


Roaming about the park, making our way to the Tea Cup ride, this was a simple but fun ride, still remember my baby Pooja having sooo much fun in this on at her first Disney in Hongkong.

It was then Star Wars shopping for me and kids!!

(Pooja’s new Star Wars jacket)

Star Wars shopping done, it was time to head out of the park – wanted to avoid the Parade, the rush post that would be big! On the way out, one last stop at the Disney Pandora to pick up a Disney themed charm!!

Then it was time to say good bye to Disney… messaged the others that we were out of the park (the others left after about an hour or so).

Got the train back, Pooja was super tired and nodded off on the way. Reaching back at the hotel, Pooja was too tired to head out again for dinner and was super happy chillin in the room, she was like, “just get me some takeaway”!. Nita, Neha & I headed out for dinner @ Bollynan Indian – it was in the same street as La Perla – this place had good reviews on yelp and google. The place was small, more geared towards takeaway! Got butter chicken, palak paneer, fish curry, naan & a Elachi Beer!
Food whilst not mind blowing was good. Discussing Nita’s day, she had been busy, roaming about Louvre museum and the mall underneath it & the Les Halles streets. For lunch it was Hippopotamus again, Nita was in love with their Chicken Burgers and mashed potatoes!
(Nita’s lunch @ Hippopotamus)

She was however most happy with the green detox juice she found at an organic shop near our hotel! (Yes this may be very healthy, but definitely not for me Sad smile)
(Nita’s green detox juice)

Dinner done, got a butter chicken and rice takeaway for Pooja and headed back. Stopped by a Gelato place for a dessert fix – yumm!!


Back at the hotel, Pooja enjoyed her butter chicken. Vik called me soon after, he was with Balia, Doc & family at Hippopotamus –wow that place was a hit amongst us. We were all too tired to head out again, time to get some sleep and start fresh tomorrow.
Last night in Paris before our cruise.

Neha’s Disney VLOG

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