Day 38, 39, 40–Navsari (15th to 17th Jan)

These three days were more of relaxing with mum and dad and just going around eating good food.

Day 38 – 15th Navsari


Dhansukh kaka was in town and girls were getting very fond of him. That morning kaka took Neha and Pooja to the Kola-G ice cream parlour to have their famous strawberry falouda – am told by the girls that it was amazing!

During that time, me and Nita went to visit her masi.


For lunch, it was with mum and dad to the Vallabh Mitha Khamni – very good spot for light veg food. The khamni here is very well regarded and a must do when in Navsari. Finished off with an Ice Cream Cake log desert – nice!


That afternoon Neha and Pooja went out with Parimal, he was taking them to try out a special pani puri place that served different flavours of pani ??

Day 39 – 16th January – Shopping in Surat

Mum had always complained that her shopping visits to Surat with dad were rushed and he would never give her enough time to look around. Well this time, we wanted to take mum shopping and give her as much time as she wanted.
On the way to Surat, first stop was at the Sugar cane juice stop, where they still use bullocks to rotate the sugar cane crusher! Juice was devine, Neha and Pooja loved it.

First stop in Surat was DIVA @ Lal Gate, the guys there recognised us quickly and looked after as well – more yummy sandwiches. Next we headed to Vivah and then onto Paris. At all these stores, mum had lots of time to pick and choose, having Nita there helped mum in the selection process. It was a good shopping session, totally unrushed.

Whilst there, we called Dilesh & Chetan – they were also both in Surat doing the business shopping. Organised to meet up at night @ the BBQ Nation.

Next was a bit of Gold shopping – this is the part mum loves! She had taken her old pieces and was getting that traded in for new ones. First time I had seen how they melt gold!


Visited a couple more gold stores, including Kalamandir – Nita got a few things for herself there.

It was around 6pm by the time we finished the jewellery browsing, time to head to Barbeque Nation. This place was very nice, each table had a mini built in BBQ, you are served an unlimited supply of half cooked meat skewers, along with basting sauces. These we control and cook on the table bbq’s to our liking with the sauce we like. It is than followed by an all you can eat buffet and dessert! Dilesh and Chetan joined in soon after. It was a fun night with a lot of eating. Just for kicks we told the wait staff that it was Nita’s birthday, soon there was a cake on our table and everyone singing happy birthday!! A good fun nite.


Day 40 – 17th January – Navsari

Last day in Navsari, a bit sad, it felt good having mum and dad with us and now it was coming to an end. There was some last minute shopping to be done – always is with ladies!


Followed by a last stop at Raju Samosa for his famous Pani Puri – the girls had to have that. Most of the afternoon was in getting all our packing completed, am glad we shipped a lot from Ahmedabad, if not we would have been in trouble.

That night, mum had made a delicious meal at home.

Early night today, tomorrow was a early start – our aim was to be on the road by 6:30am.



Neha’s vlog

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