Day 34, 35, 36- Navsari (11th to 13th Jan)

Day 34 – Ahmedabad to Navsari (11th Jan)

Very early start today, we had a 6.30am train to catch to Navsari, everyone was up, and down to the lobby in time. Check out was quick and both the prebooked cars were there – atleast no delays there.

Our stay at the Lemon Tree Atrium hotel had been short but very nice, the rooms here were very comfortable and also perfect for families who need interconnecting rooms, highly recommended. Good service from the reception on getting around and sights.

Arrived at the train station, organised a couple of coolie’s to take our luggage and guide us to the correct train – Ahmedabad has a BIG train station with a number of platforms, navigating that is no easy task for foreigners, this was much easier. Found the platform then a mile long walk to the AC cars, finally reached our coach, my name was on the list, great, it was the correct coach! All settled, we still had a good 40 minutes to spare, time to walk around a bit and snap away..


The train catering persons came by taking orders for morning breakfast, ordered a cheese toasted sandwich and an omelette sandwich. Nita was too sceptical on eating train food! Train started soon after and we were on the way. Food arrived about 10 minutes in, and the sandwiches were indeed very nice!! Do not be put off with the sandwiches being wrapped in Newspaper, I reckon that adds extra flavour Winking smile.


Neha and Pooja were enjoying the train journey or maybe I should say enjoying their devices!! Neha was busy editing her VLOGs whilst Pooja kept herself occupied with games.

(The train toilets, look closely and the hole is going directly on to the tracks!! )

We reached Navsari just after 11:30am, got a couple of auto’s to take us to our place @ Juna Thana. The place was very dusty, Nita called the maid to come over for a quick clean up.

(in the train ready to get off, outside our home – streets all dug up, and our balcony – all that dust!)

It was so relaxed being back at our family home, our sight seeing was done now to simply relax, Kids were excited for tomorrow, Mum and Dad were coming over!

(Nita at the vege markets)

Day 35 – Navsari (12th Jan)

A day of sleeping in for kids, no more early morning wakeups for them!! A relaxed breakfast and then headed upstairs to clean the roof patio, it was the kite festival in a couple of days and wanted the roof area to be clean. Had told the maid but she was soo slow, decided it was easier for me to do it quicker!!

(cleaning the roof patio)

Mum and Dad arrived just after 3pm, lots of hugs – Pooja started crying of happiness, it was soo good to finally see family members after 5 weeks of travelling.

Mum did not waste too much time, settled in then went of to the markets to buy fresh prawns for this evenings curry – Mum & Dad had only this morning arrived from Brisbane, and then a long 5 hour road trip to Navsari and she was still full of energy –wow!! Neha went along shopping with them!

That night was a good meal, and it all was the more enjoyable because we had our family all thereSmile.

Day 36 – Navsari (13th Jan)

Another relaxed day lazing around. Not much to do before lunch.
It was in the afternoon we all headed to the Bazaar, Dad took us to the famous Falooda place.


Wow this place sure did have the best Falooda’s, girls absolutely loved it!

Next was Bhikabhai to try their samosas and patties. More yumm food…. am so glad mum and dad knew these hidden local gems, we would never have tried these.

On the way back, stopped by at a kitchen shop selling all things stainless steel, from pots, plates etc. Nita and mum were busy selecting things! More weight additions to the luggage!

From there Dad took Neha and Pooja for Kite shopping, tomorrow was the Kite festival and we needed some kites!

All back home, for dinner it was Goat curry – Neha & Pooja’s favourite!


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