Day 23–Mumbai New Years Eve–Evening (31st Dec)

Continued from day part….

The rest of a few hours at the hotel was good, party at St Regis was starting around 9pm.
My throat was no better, still unable to eat anything, everytime I swallowed anything, it felt like blades ripping my throat. I had already contacted Doc (Bhavik Damodar) in Brisbane, asking if I could have alcohol, he was like, it is NYE, have a couple! Well atleast I can numb my throat with drinks!! Me and Jayesh had purchased the all you can drink option, so had to make the most of it.

My girls were all dressed in the amazing gowns – all looked stunning!

We decided to be there by 8pm to get our passes and make the most of the night. Ordered our 2 OLA’s, being NYE, it was taking some time, finally our cab arrived and we were off. Jayesh’s cab was 5 mins away.

Got there just before 8pm, St.Regis had a red carpet welcome for arriving guests, first to get the passes, collected the 8 passes for all. Could not go up to lobby level (8th floor) with Jayesh’s passes, so we were hanging around on the ground floor – time for some pics there!

my three beautiful ladies Red heart



Around 15 mins had passed still no sign of Jayesh/Priya! Calling them, they informed me they were 5 minutes away and had a big story to tell. The girls decided to head to the Lobby and wait there, I remained on the ground floor awaiting the others. Jaynesh arrived by this time, was good to see him, Seema and the kids. Jayesh & family followed soon after. (Apparently the reason he got late was the OLA driver was not willing to drop them @ St Regis and was dropping them across on the other side, Jayesh stood his ground and in the end even a Police came by to tell the OLA driver to drop them at the right place!! Wow, definitely a NYE experience!)

All headed to the lobby for more pics!



Time to head up to our dinner venue – Seven Kitchens. Up the stairs, and then it was a photo area – again!! This time with a pro photographer and champagne! More pics and then to our dinner venue.

This place was big and nicely decorated! and the biggest highlight – the food, an endless variety of it – I only have a few pics, Neha’s vlog (at the end of this post) far better illustrates the variety of food on offer here! Even though I could not eat, I was soo glad at what I saw, both Jayesh and Jaynesh had trusted me with the venue and I was hoping it would live up to atleast what we experienced in Taj 6 years back – so far it had surpassed it Smile.



We were seated in a nook, with two tables of 6, one for adults and the kids were on the other. To our surprise, we had 2 dedicated staff to our group, to ensure we were always looked after for everything from drinks to food !!
The table was also spread with a lot of goodies to make the nite more fun, kids were loving the sunnies, hats and masks!


Walking around the food stations, I was in awe, the range was endless and soo many good things, tried a couple that I thought were soft, but to no luck Sad smile, in the end settled for the Lamb broth/soup, had a couple of bowls of that and downed it with a lot of Johnnie Black!

Food otherwise I am told was super, and the dedicated persons who were looking after our table where even getting food for us, all we had to do was ask if we could get more of this & that and they were bringing it, just amazing service.

One of their senior chefs, her name also NEHA!! made a special dessert just for our kids table! We now had three Neha’s thereDisappointed smile.

Three Neha’s!!

As the night progressed and drinks were downed we all got a bit rowdy and soon it was on the dance floor groving along to the live music.



On the stroke of midnight, the Seven Kitchens managers/personal were ready with numerous bottles of champagnes and did they let it spray!! It was extraordinary to see them spraying it without holding back!! (watch this in Neha’s vlog)


Party @ Seven Kitchens finished @ 1am, the staff told us the penthouse party was only just starting!! Our wristbands did give us entry to that as well, just no kids. Headed down to the lobby and settled the kids, it was then off to level 34 for the penthouse party!
More of a nightclub atmosphere with the best music, the latest bollywood dhamakas!!

We danced for another hour and more drinks – our all inclusive drinks were to continue – I was not complaining! Disappointed smile



We could have kept going but then it was about an hour and kids were all by themselves, headed down to the lobby, surprise surprise – kids were like, why did you come back so early!! Well it was way past 2am and we were having sore feet. Before heading back it was time to get a group pic on the grand stair way.



Time to call it a night, headed down to the ground level and the ground staff were handing out ice creams!! Yay more fun food!

Farewelled Jaynesh and Jayesh – my OLA was arriving last. Whilst waiting for it, Nita noticed a group of youths, all centred around a young man, she recognised him as Saif Ali Khan’s son. Well not to take a direct pic of him, we took a selfie of us with him in the background!

Saif’s son in the background, a bit too much to drink maybe ???

It had been a brilliant night, what an end to 2017!
My second NYE in Mumbai, both of them very very memorable.

Neha’s vlog on Day 23 – night fun

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