Day 23–Mumbai–New Years Eve (31st Dec)

Last day of 2017!

It was going to be a loooong night, so no rush in waking em up early.
Plan today was for Jayesh, me + family to head to Colaba for Brunch at Leopold Cafe, he had never been there and wanted to see the famous place.
Was just past 10:30 when we got our two OLA cabs, and were on our way to Leopold.

Got to Colaba causeway – a different vibe there, street market stalls were all up with lots of people roaming the streets. First into Leopold, only had to wait a few minutes before our table for 8 was ready.


Kids ordered Chicken burgers, Nita, Priya & Jayesh ordered sandwiches and I had to settle for soft fried eggs – my ability to eat was not good. Even eggs were proving a challenge to eat – each bite causing a lot of pain in my throat.


The burgers were not the best Sad smile, too dry, whilst the sandwiches I am told were quite good. Jayesh had ordered the Pomegranate Juice, and was raving about it, he suggested I try that – it was a good suggestion, it cooled my throat, and I could drink it – slowly thought, atleast it was not hurting as much as coffee.

Fun times at Leopold Cafe!

Now for a walk along the causeway heading towards the Taj. This is highly recommended to all visiting, a walk on the causeway is a must to experience the markets and the crowds. The walk was slow and fun, pausing every so often to view items in the stalls. Somehow we managed to end up in a shoe store, and buying more shoes!





Got to Taj Hotel around 1:30pm, lots of time to kill, what else to do than to chill in the lobby. Did a bit of walk around and wasted more time.

Enough of Taj, time to move on, lets go across the road to see the Gateway of India. Got across the street and were greeted by a huge crowd, hundreds lined up to get into the Gateway of India area – arrrggghhhhh, none of us were interested in being in queues. Gave that a miss, next lets look for a good coffee shop! Looking around, spotted Indigo, looked like a nice place, headed there and were going through the menu when Jayesh said “we were at one of the best places – Taj, and now we are going to drink coffee here ?? we should just had it there”. We all looked at each other – yes, lets do it. So back to Taj and found the Sea Lounge cafe in Taj that did high tea – perfect!

The high tea was good, lots of goodies ordered, I settled for a simple Vanilla milkshake – perfect for my throat and it was about the only thing I could have. The others were going for different types of Teas / Coffees and a lot of dessert varieties.



Overall a good experience and a much needed break!

Time to head back to Gulistan and relax at the hotel ahead of the big night ahead. Instead of getting two OLA’s we decided to try the OLA SUV, it arrived soon after but not our luck, it could only fit in 6.
The girls went in the SUV whilst me and Jayesh took a cab and followed.

Enroute from Taj to Gulistan.

Back at the hotel, time to relax for the night – to be continued…..

Neha’s Day 23 vLog – Day part

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