Day 18,19,20,21–Navsari/Surat/Mumbai (26th-29th Dec)

Day 18 – 26th Dec
Boxing day in Navsari, not the same as back home, just another day in Navsari. Free day, lets the kids sleep in, late breaky and late lunch. Nice relaxed day.
Late in the afternoon me and Nita went out to the Bazaar (kids were happy staying home), first a visit to Kalyan tailors, lots of blouses to be sewn!
Next was a pit stop @ Raju Samosa for his amazing Pani Puri’s.


Back home for dinner and then it was Parimal coming by to take the kids on his motor bike – the same ride he gave them when we were here 6 years back. Neha was a bit hesitant, thinking it was going to be boring, took a bit of convincing, finally they were off.


Parimal did give them a great ride, they were out for close to an hour! On return Neha and Pooja were like – “this was the best ride!!” both enjoyed the bike ride immensely and what was more fun was not wearing any helmets Disappointed smile.

Neha has done a great vlog on her ride, covers their experience well in that – link below.

Neha’s Vlog on Navsari bike ride


Day 19 – 27th Dec

Back to Surat today to collect the girls outfits and try out the alterations that were done.
First a quick visit next door to Bhavik Damodar’s Aaji.


Our car for Surat had arrived, time to head off, first stop lal-gate, collecting the ladies wear, including the formal gowns for the New Years celebrations from Diva and Vivaah – am glad we did not get this shipped, Neha’s outfit was not adjusted quite right, the tailor fixed it on the spot. All done at Lal Gate, no more shopping to be done, now it was time to head to VR mall for quick lunch and then to watch Tiger Zinda hai in Gold Class – it is called “Insignia” hereSmile.


Was good to relax in the recliners and enjoy Salman! We were done by around 5pm and decided to get back to Navsari, no point hanging around – had enough of Surat & VR.

Reached Navsari just past 6:30pm, unloaded all shopping at home – we had a LOT of bags! Then it was off to Raju Samosa, chaat for dinner ! could not get enough of that!!


Finished off with local Khulfi, an amazing dinner and dessert, all for less than 300 INR!!

Neha’s vlog for Day 19.

Day 20 – 28th Dec

Final day in Navsari before our Mumbai visit again.
For lunch we headed to Ramanand, we ordered a couple of Dosa and their Desi Pizza, unfortunately the Pizza was not as good was what we had at Udipi @ Valsad.
Back home to relax, until 5:30pm, had my dental appointment than to get my crown done.
Waiting at home, decided to get my shaving done again, off to the barber.

Around 5.30, off to my dental appointment @ Dr. Tapkirwala – all done for $200 AUD, the same thing back home was having me out of pocket by $800 –after the Health fund paid $900 Disappointed smile. Pooja came along with me – was fun having her seated in the room while my crown was getting inserted, she could not keep quite, had to ask about anything and everything.
On the way back, we stopped at Raju Samosa’s, yes again, Pooja wanted another serving of her favourite – mithi Pani Puri!


Back home, evening dinner was planned with Parimal’s family, we were taking them out to Sheetal resturant. Parimal come by around 7pm to collect Nita and Pooja, he was taking them on the bike to his place, me and Neha were fine walking. Pooja was super excited to go one her mama’s bike again!


Few drinks with Vinod kaka and then it was off to Sheetal. Whilst the food was very good, it was super spicy – wow!


It was a great nite, tomorrow was an early start to Mumbai.

Neha’s VLOG on day 20

Day 21 – Navsari to Mumbai (29th Dec)

Had planned an early start, but it is India and nothing runs on time here, our car was about an hour late, apparently he had a flat tyre.

We only had been about an hour and I was feeling like my breathing was constrained and that I was getting an allergic reaction. I took on some Claratyne, but it did not help much. The only difference was that morning I had started back on Doxycycline – tablets for malaria. Was that it? Rang Bhavik (Doc), he suggested I take a couple more claratyne and see how things pan out. Well we could not do anything, we were still around 3 hours from reaching our hotel. Reading up on Doxycycline, it seems a few people can have side effects to it, and they were all the things I was feeling!!
Finally got to Gulistan, all checked in, unfortunately we could not get the larger rooms we had requested, so into two rooms.
Checking for a doctor nearby, they were not open till 6pm, so more waiting – my condition was not improving, my mouth was feeling weird and was becaming a bit sore. Visited the doctor and informed him of the medication I had taken and the possible side effect. He seem adamant it was not the Doxycycline and something I may have eaten? So more anti-biotics.
Post that we headed to Pheonix mall, dinner was at Shizusan Shophouse and Bar – place Nita had found from her instagram followings. And we were not disappointed! This place had the best Dumplings and asian cusine. Topped it off with an amazing Coconut cheesecake – just wow!

Recommended Asian : Shizusan ShopHouse & Bar @ Phoenix Mall, Mumbai
Rating: 5 star Smile

Back at the hotel, my mouth was not getting any better, it was hurting more Sad smile.

Neha’s vlog on day 21

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