Valsad/Daman-Day17 (25th Dec)

Today was a day trip to Valsad to meet and have lunch with Nita’s foi/fua. We were heading there with Jayesh & Priya’s family – kids were looking forward to catching up with Neha & Payal.

selfie time outside Kalyan Buvan

Got to Jayesh’s place, a short 5-10 minute walk – again navigating the obstacle course set by the numerous cows roaming the local streets.
Kids were all super excited to meet their cousins, all into the car and time to head off to Valsad.

Arrived @ Valsad town around 11 am, we decided for a quick stopover in the town – it was a bit early to head to foi’s house. Had a quick walk around the place, around midday we headed out to foi’s place.

(Jayesh cleaning up post stepping into fresh cow dung!)

It was a challenge finding foi’s place, it took a few calls and Fua to come around in his scooter to lead us to his home, finally managed to get to their place.
Foi remembered our previous visit was also on Xmas day! – coincidence!



Next stop was Udupi for lunch – fua led the way in his Scooter, this time we did not get lost!


This place is highly recommended for amazing Vegetarian options and it had the BEST desi Pizza’s! Topped off with sizzling brownie. A very hearty lunch it was.

Farewelled foi/fua there and headed back to the town for some shopping!


Shopping turned out great for me and Jayesh, it was all menswear being bought that afternoon!

Few hours gone, now one more stopover for Jayesh, it was Fua’s brother who had helped Jayesh during his last visit when he was hospitalised. Very nice family to meet.




Waa already 6pm, and ladies were not sure where to next – Daman or Navsari? It was Xmas day, we had to make it special, me and Jayesh were like, nah, we need to go to Daman!

Was just under an hour before we reached Daman, first stop a liquor store – Jayesh needed stock for his place.


Then it was to Miramar Hotel for dinner. The place had live music band – perfect! It was not super busy, we were able to get a table for 8 easily next to the beach area (well not much of a beach, lucky it was dark Winking smile )



Ordered the regulation KingFisher, ladies opted for Mocktails. Girls were all enjoying each others company. Food was nice, kids loved the lollypop chicken, we went for the platter – not the best choice but it had a lot of varieties.
During dinner, the girls noticed how a local had walked down to the beach to relieve himself! Not sure if he realised, the walk to the beach was further then the toilets nearby – well some locals will not change Sad smile. Even though the situation was sad, Girls were all cracking up laughing.


The night was great, lots of laughter and catching up on old times, the live band adding to the atmosphere – we were requesting a lot of golden oldies and the band obliged.

Santa also visited the place!


The fun continued on the way back, kids were all singing in the car to the big hits of the 90’s. It had been a great day and a fantastic nite.

Neha’s vlog on Day 17

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