Niagara to Toronto – 11th May 2016

Today’s plan was simple, a car ride around the Niagara parks region, then to off to the Niagara Outlet centre (enroute to Toronto). Evening we were catching up with Rini and Jiten.

Post breakfast we headed out, first a tour of the parks area, this is the place Masa and his extended family came out lots for picnics. Along the way, we passed the falls – one last view of the magnificent wonder.

Arrived at the park soon after, it was a nice picnic area, with a nice outlook to the downstream Niagara river.

Time to head back onto the freeway for Toronto, first stop along the way, the Outlet shopping centre.
This turned out to be similar to Harbour town back home, open air outlet mall. Lots of big brands here, unfortunately the prices did not seem to be in line with the US outlets, decided against buying anything here, we were going to New York so will leave the shopping for then. Quick coffee break, then on the road again.
Masi suggested lunch at Masa’s favourite Indian-Chinese place, could not resist that, Indo-chinese = yumm.
They had originally planned this for tomorrow’s dinner however yesterday I changed plans to be having tomorrow’s dinner with Kiran and family (my Hansa foi from Suva, Fiji). He had seen my facebook posts and contacted me, there was no way I could say no to Hansa foi.

Not much traffic on drive back to Mississauga. For people like me who do not know, Mississauga is a separate City to Toronto, this is where Masa resides and strangely the Toronto Pearson International Airport is also geographically located in Mississauga.

Got to the restaurant around 1pm, did not look much from the outside, however the inside was nicely furnished and well presented, this was looking good. Left the ordering to Masa, Hot & Sour soup, chicken manchurian & chilly veg chow mein was ordered.
Food was served quickly, first impressions, looking good and the sizes were decent.
Taste wise, this would have to have been one of the best indo-chinese foods I have had, could say the same for Nita. The flavours, the spice were all soo good. Pity I did not take down the name of the restaurant, would have loved to have recorded that. (I will track it down from Masa and add it here)

Good meal, now to head back home for an afternoon siesta.

We arrived home around 2pm, and soon after Dhiren came by. He was dressed in his COP uniform, looking very smart. Nita was super excited to see him in his uniform. He hung around a bit, was good catching up with him. Dhiren gave me some good suggestions for  downtown Toronto on where to eat.

Nita and masi decided to bring forward tomorrows scheduled making of the Date slice (“park”) and make it now. Nita makes this for herself back home and had brought some for masi, she loved it so much, that masi told Nita to make some for her whilst here – she wanted to learn the recipe.
Nita adapted her home recipe to the smaller quantity of dates that masi had, all along hoping the taste turns out ok.
The final product turned out very well, Nita was happy with the taste, masi was super happy with it. She was like, wow Nita you are soo good at making this!

date slice (“park”) completed for masi

Time was flying, we had our tea and freshened up, just after 6:30, Rini & Jiten arrived to take us out for dinner. Was so good to see Rini after a long time. The last time I had seen her, was in Brisbane in 2005. At that stage her daughter Dayna was less than a year old. Got into their SUV, kids were seated at the back, wow, Dayna a young lady now, and Jordan was so cute, kids grow soo quick, I could not stop thinking about Neha and Pooja at that moment.

Dinner was at “Browns Social House”, a casual/sports bar style place, a real nice ambience inside, I was loving this place, somewhat similar to the Buffalo Wild Wings chain, would be great to have this concept back in Brisbane, we need places like this for social nights.

Food was very good.

It was a very good night, lots of catching up with Rini & Jiten but also having fun with the kids. Jordan was too good, was having a great time with him. He reminded me of Pooja, a bit cheeky!
Chatting along, was surprised to learn that Jitens sister lived in Ann Arbor, small world, that is where I was a week back visiting Dominos International. They seemed to drive down every so often, if time had permitted, my original plan was to drive up to Toronto/Niagara from Ann Arbor – unfortunately not possible in the time frames.
Finished off around 9, it was a week night and kids had to go back to school the next day – I can relate to that, we have the same issues.


They drove us back to masa’s place, farewell and hope to see them soon in Australia!Thanks Rini for arranging this catchup, really had a great time catching up with allThumbs up.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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