Day 22 (16/4)–Madame Tussauds, Hollywood Blvd and Flight back home

Final morning, was a bit sad, this was the last day of our holidays! Plan was to vacate the apartment by midday, and leave the VAN loaded and in the secure undercover parking.

Kids were ready by around 11am, then it was time to start loading the VAN. We had soo much luggage, this time we required the last row of seats to store additional luggage.

(our combined luggage ready to be loaded in the VAN)

Whilst me and Vik were loading the VAN, Pooja and Aaria were enjoying their dolls.


VAN loaded, apartment cleared, it was now time for all of us to head out to Hollywood Blvd, for lunch we headed to the same Sushi place near out apartment, Nita wanted the Spicy Chowmein and kids wanted the Sushi!.

After a good lunch, it was time to head to Madame Tussards and also do the walk of fame!


Along the way, we got approached by the Madame Tussards sales agents attempting to lure people in with $10 OFF vouchers, we ended up getting one for everyone, not a bad saving of $40 per family!

At Madame Tussards, now to mingle with the famous identities…


Finished the wax museum, time to roam about.

Headed to Ghirardelli for our final sundae and chocolate fix. We ended up buying some more chocolates for home. Very good sundaes here!

Around 5pm we headed back to the apartment carpark, time for us to head to the Airport.

It was peak hour and the drive took around an hour.

Arrived at LAX, dropped off the ladies and kids along with the luggage at the terminal, now to go and park the VAN at the designated LOT C parking. We did not realise LOT C was not in the airport terminal area but outside the airport area serviced by regular shuttles. Me and Vik must have wasted around 15 minutes trying to figure out where LOT C was! Finally we located it and headed there. Parked the VAN, locked it up and sms’d United Van Rentals on where we had parked the VAN. Got the Shuttle back to the terminals.
Check in process was painless, no issues with luggage.
Going through security, the queues were BIG, whilst arriving to join the line, a security lady directing people noticed Aaria in the stroller and motioned us to take the express route which was for disabled or parents with kids. The youngest kid in our group had allowed us to jump the queue.

Got through immigration and first stop was to have a dinner – our flight was at midnight, long wait ahead. LAX had a great depatures area with loads of dinning options. We opted for Mexican, it was very good!
Post dinner ladies were off to Duty free shopping, kids were chilling at the lounges.

The girls having their last hugs before boarding @ LAX!

Boarded the aircraft around 11:30pm, long flight back home.

Arrived in Brisbane with no immigration issues at all, except for the very long queues.

All tired waiting for pickup @ Brisbane

This has been a  great amazing holiday, kids have had a blast, we have enjoyed the entire experience and it was even more fun with our two families going together. Big thanks to Meeta for the amazing research she did on all the key sights, without that we would not have even covered half. The pics cannot do justice to the level of fun we had!

the gang on Day 2 of trip @ San Francisco – the CITY we fell in love with..Red heart

Lots of memories from this trip, never thought USA would be so much fun Smile.  Mine and Nita’s opinion of US was simply big cities with no character, we could not have been more wrong, it seems we will be visiting US again very soon!

Now to plan for the next trip …… NEW YORK! Winking smile


And for a quick slideshow of this trip, 


So Proud of Neha, she has started her blog and in the process I have learned heaps from her, all the galleries in my blogs have been her teaching! Her blogs are at:

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