Day 27, Mumbai 28th Dec

Nita’s upset tummy had kept her up most of the night, however the worst had passed and she seemed to be recovering.. (must be Docs medications, it was working)
Today we had planned to visit Chandu Kaka and Bhanu kaka @ KALYAN (north Mumbai).

By the time we had breakfast and were out of the hotel, it was close to 11am. Took a taxi to VITI (CST) station to catch the train to Kalyan, (even though VITI is further away in the opp direction, it is much easier for the likes of us to board at the starting station – less crowd and train waits longer!!) Buying the ticket was easy, however finding the correct platform was mind boggling. Had to ask around lots and could not understand why some people did not understand the difference between an express train and non-express train!! Finally found someone who guided us to the correct express train/platform. Train was departing @ 11:53 (was a further 10 min late).

(train to kalyan @ CST station aka VITI station)

Found seats easily, (lucky we bought 1st class, 2nd class was already getting crowded). This was the kids fast ride on a Mumbai train, and they were excited, first surprise to them once the train moved “hey the door is still open!!”, had to explain that these doors always stay open! Train ride was just over an hour, reached Kalyan around 1:15pm.

(Pooja reading in the train!)

KALYAN seemed very different from our last visit 5 years back, soo much bigger and many more high rises. The train station was now linked to a massive(and impressive) skywalk – had to ring Piyush to find out which was the correct exit! the Skywalk was great, avoids crossing the busy station roads.
Took an Auto to Bhanu kaki’s new place, found it without too much hassle – Bhanu kaki was by the window side awaiting us, as we got out of the Auto – heard her from their level 4 flat – felt like I was home! Felt so good meeting them all, Chandu kaka seemed so much better now, after all that he and the family had been thru, it seemed like an amazing turn around!
Piyush’s daughter “Arya” (sorry if the spelling is wrong) is a cutie, she did not really come to us, however she was enjoyed playing with Neha and Pooja – Pooja loved playing with Arya’s fluffy toys and in turn, Arya had a ball with Pooja’s little disney figurines!

(Neha playing with Arya, Pooja playing with little Arya’s toys)

(with the family)

Bhanu kaki had prepared a yummy Chana Bhatura lunch for us, with some very tasty Ghajar Ka Halwa.  After lunch we all sat around just chatting, soon it was afternoon tea time, was soon 5pm!, time flies when you are with family. Had to bid farewell, which was quite difficult – only took a few hours to get soo well reconnected with Bhanu kaki, and now time to go.

Piyush, Manisha and Arya dropped us of at the station, am so grateful they came along, it would have been very difficult for me to work out which platform/train to be at. We had to wait on the overpass for the correct train and platform announcements, before heading down to the platforms.

Got off @ Byculla station around 7:30pm, had already contacted foi/fua on our location, we were to have dinner together. On the way to Gulistan, had to make a quick stopover @ McDonalds for the kids.
We were all out of Gulistan soon after, heading to Nariman Point – dinner was at “Spaghetti Kitchen” (Italian restaurant, in the INOX building)

(time for Italian cuisine)

Ordered a pizza and some pasta dishes – all very very good, beats my favourite Italian outlets in Brisbane!! Neha enjoyed her favourite Italian dish – fettuccine carbonara

Finished off with some Gelato next door in the Spoon food court – which was still open @ 11pm – love how eating out places stay open till late!

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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