Day 5–Hong Kong, 6th Dec

Today was our final day, decided not to travel to Macau and just take it easy around Hong Kong. Checked with reception for a late checkout – apparently our travel agent had already done that during the initial booking –we had the room till 3 pm!

Breakfast was crap for me, felt like throwing up, lucky Bhavik (Doc) had stocked us well with all sorts of medication, took a tablet and was all fixed in an hour.
Kids and Nita did have a good breakfast – they finished off the yummy pancakes and were ready to head off.

Headed off towards Harbour City, a new designer label shopping mall, this was the best place to be on the last day, we could not afford anything, so I was safe – Nita was not going to increase the luggage!!

These locals are crazy, they were queued outside of the Chanel store……. queuing up to be ripped off!

Neha and Pooja wanted McDonalds, along getting that, we passed the Toy Story display, which revived their memories from the prior day at Disney….”Papa we would like to go there again”….. maybe soon


Pooja also had been crying for the Franck Doll, Rapunzel’s boyfriend (she had bought Rapunzel two days back and could not see her separated from Frank, so I had to separate with more of my money, damn expensive kids….. maybe it is my fault!!)

Lunch time, we went for an Italian  Buffet, first time I had a Buffet Italian. Food was very good. Highly recommended.
(lady in window is hand rolling penne pasta!, what an effort)

Along the way to the hotel, we purchased a new Luggage Case to replace Nita’s aging bag which she brought with her after marriage!! It was all failing apart from the inside. It was cool moving in the streets with a big RED luggage case behind us and it was EMPTY.

Got back in the room @ 2:30 pm, and were in a frenzy to pack all the luggage. By 3 we were checked out and waiting for the Airport Express transfers. (HK transport is brilliant, a bus visits major hotels every 15 mins to collect passengers and luggage for free transport to Kowloon station for the Airport Express). Only had to wait 5 minutes outside the hotel before the transfer bus arrived. Was a sad feeling heading to Kowloon station, this was the end of a great HongKong holiday, have made a point of visiting this place again very soon, without Kids hopefully!!

Another surprise, got off @ Kowloon station and noticed they had a wall similar to the Airport Departures screen… looking at it closely, it was actually listing flight departures, looking further, there were a bank of CHECKIN counters, for the exclusive use of Airport Express passengers…. how cool was that, we checked in our baggage at Kowloon station and only had hand luggage with us!! Our boarding passes had all been issued there as well… all too easy and so convenient….. WAKE UP Australia, we are miles behind!!

Since we only had one hand luggage, we decided to visit the Elements mall above Kowloon Station, this is another designer label mall, people in HK must love their designer labels!

Soon after we boarded the train to the Airport, got off at Terminal 1. Wow what an airport, it is massive.


And the food options must be the best of all the airports, even had a CAVIER bar at the Airport – not that I had any, it smelt like sh*t

Kids wanted McDonalds, I also opted for the same – tried their Spicy Chicken Burger – thumbs up!
There was also a Disney store at the airport near McDonalds, so obviously had to buy another toy!

After dinner we called home, letting Mum know where we were and how the girls were doing..Nita ended up talking to my Mum for more than 20 minutes.

Our departure gate was 33, had to take a maze of escalators to get down to the trains to take us from the Main Terminal to the Gates terminal.

Boarded the flight around 8:30pm, as we stepped on the plane, the steward (a guy wearing the PHAGRI) greeted us, Pooja blurted out “ Papa look his Indian” and then to him “ We are going to India”!! with the biggest grin, all the guy could do was smile and I did like wise.
We had been given the front row seats, so much leg room! Flying Jet Airways, I had set my expectations quite low, however I was happy to be proven wrong, their service and quality surpassed Cathay Pacific!!

Bye Hong Kong, it was an amazing experience, for all of us, hope to see you soon.

Back in the plane Neha and Pooja were loving the front seats with adjustable monitors, playing music, then switching to movies …. too many things happening on their screens.
Kids were served dinner first, Chicken Curry and Rice, Neha and Pooja finished the Chicken, Pooja went on to finish the rice, however for Neha that was it.
Lights were switched off soon after Dinner and the kids were fast asleep, and slept till 10 minutes before landing into Delhi.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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