Day 2 – Hong Kong (over the jetlag– I think)–3rd Dec

We were (I think) over the jet lag, all woke up nice and early for a quick start to the day, however NO-ONE managed to get out of the beds!! Just kept talking to each other and soon we realised it was 9am – Nita pushed us all around till we were all showered and ready for another day.
The plan was to visit Hong Kong Peak and the evening was a boat cruise in Hong Kong Harbour.

To Hong Kong Peak
Took the MTR to Central Station – upon getting out of the station, we had our first glimpse of the HK city centre and high rises


We could not find a wash room near the MTR, so the next best thing – go into a designer label shopping centre

(notice how Nita comes out empty handed…. no bargains in there lady!! tops were starting from a mere 4000 HKD!)

Only a short walk to Hong Kong Peak Tram Station, being a Saturday, seemed like half of Hong Kong were there to visit the peak, lucky the wait times were only around 45 minutes to get in the tram
(waiting in the sun)

Boarded the train…..unfortunately the rush was such, that we did not get seats, had to stand, which would have been ok for normal trains, however not the most comfortable on ones going up a steep incline close to 45%!! Luckily, Neha and Pooja were offered seats by a very kind family.
(Kids squashed on a small area, incline of train heading up)

The peak, one of the highest points in HK, was more like a small shopping town. Taking the escalators up the many levels of the sky tower, we say the very expansive views of the great city!!! just breathtaking
This was all being made very more enjoyable by the clear weather –  zero cloud cover …. we were very lucky to get such a view.
View from the top was wow, HK does look sexy from the top!
(I tried a panorama feature built into the camera, worked great except for the hand rail line)

Taking in the sights was godly for us, however not for the young ones, the whinging started soon after, time to head back in to sky tower for a quick lunch @ 3pm.
What was surprising is the number of small shops @ the place selling not souvenirs but normal HK stuff – including loads of electronics. Pooja (esp) & Neha started getting drawn to a couple of stores which offered things that would compensate for the lack of toys being sold!!! took some convincing to get them out of there and straight to this amazing Chinese Restaurant in the tower called “TIEN YI”, ordered a Sweet & Sour Chicken and Chicken Fried Rice with Brazilian stripped Chicken…. it was brilliant, one of the best we have had so far! (And the kids loved it)
(Tien Yi Chinese restaurant @ the peak)

It was a hasty exist from the Peak (3:45pm), had to be at he Kowloon Pier for a 6pm cruise departure. Walking back to central station from the Peak Tram station was not too bad, going downhill is sooooo muh easier.
Pooja and Neha were not giving us trouble at all considering the walking being done – they were just being worried about missing the cruise.
Time to get back to the hotel was quicker than I had anticipated, we had a spare 30 minutes to rest the kids and freshen up, then headed off to the Kowloon Pier – luckily it was only a 10 minute walk from the hotel – and soooo glad we took the walk, all the 5 star hotels are along the harbour and what a sight they are,
(outside the Peninsula, definitely out of my budget)

At the Kowloon Pier, strangely there is no tour desk or any signage, the only information I had was to be at Pier No 3 – which was closed for renovation, asking around finally found someone who knew about the cruise and pointed us to Pier No 4.
View from the Pier, Hong Kong City at Dusk.

Finally the cruise boat arrived and what a let down it was, a small crappy boat with smell of diesel everywhere, looked in from outside and it would have to have the dodgiest food available on it, decided not to go on it.

Walked along the harbour walk, and came across a giant Toy Story stage, Pooja and Neha enjoyed going around that.
DSC00639 DSC00641
(I was suffering with Pooja on my shoulders)

Next to this was a massive mall called Harbour City, filled with branded shops, but the place was packed to the rafters with people –these people really like to spend some serious $$$. Neha and Pooja spotted Toys-r-us, ended up getting a Barbie for Pooja and Squinkies for Neha!

Finding a place to eat was proving difficult again, every restaurant we could eat in was super busy and the wait times were crazy. Decided to head back to the hotel to eat there!! However no luck there as well, the buffet wasn’t great – well not for us anyways. Waiter recommended a good Indian restaurant a short walk away,  decided to head there and with some asking around and taking a few wrong turns, finally got there, its name is to remember “GAYLORD
DSC00654 (awesome Indian restaurant, what a name)
The first question the guy asked as we walked in “do you have a booking” and again my heart sank, oh no, not another full place, luckily this time around, they were able to accommodate us – only had to wait a couple of minutes.
This place is great, food was very good, plus they have live singers – they were great, made the night pass away very well. Downed a few beers, Neha & Pooja had there fav Butter Chicken, and we tried a veg Mirch Paneer Masala (A+).
DSC00651 DSC00653
(live singers right across our table, playing some excellent songs – Kabhi Kabhi, Humne Tumse Pyar Kitna, and many other great oldies)

Pooja was asleep by the time we finished, carrying her back was an effort, requiring lots of time-outs. Called it a night – Day 2 over.

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