Navsari/Surat Day 6 – 16th Jan

Early rise, our Surat car was booked for 9:30, aim was to get back quickly and not waste time visiting malls and unnecessary places – learnings from last trip!

It was just mum, Nita and I going, Dad decided to stay back – not the shopping guy, this actually did work well for mum, no one to rush her !

Driving to Surat, a normal sight here, Highway is blocked by bulls…

Car was there on time, by 10:30 we were in Surat in the Lal Gate area, first stop was Vivah and then Paris. Not many times you are the first ones in the store- this was one of those moments, the shutters were just opening and we were there outside, felt very weird waiting for the doors to open!

Shopping commenced. Just after midday we finished off Vivah and we’re heading to Paris, when Nita and Mum saw a fruit seller – sorry no idea what that stuff was but it did taste good!!(I saw need to record these names)

It was Paris next and it finished just after 2. Still had not had lunch, found a Udupi restaurant close by, headed there – I remembered the great Udupi place in Valsad that we had been to in the prior trip!

Getting to Udupi, it was not the same great environment but we were in no mood to find another place and needed quick refueling.

Ordered a couple of Dosa’s, masala and Mysore. We opted for the butter cooked option for the extra yumm taste – never tried that before – will see if that is actually any better or just a money making exercise?? Mum requested the masala be provided separate and not inside the dosa, this was a good idea as I found out later, kept the Dosa’s so crispy!

The Dosa’s were soooo soooo good!! Two Dosa’s were perfect to share between the three of us. What a tasty and fulfilling lunch, and the cost was so so so cheap!!!! Do not judge Udupi at Lal Gate based on looks, food here is amazing ⭐️.

Took an auto back to outside Vivah, our driver was coming to pick us from there.

Whilst waiting for our car pickup, noticed a street side vendor selling men’s kurti’s and he had a yellow one. Cost was only 300INR!! Bharti kaki had mentioned something about all being dressed in yellow for one of the days during the wedding – whilst I was not too keen on it previously, at $6 AUD, this was a no brainer. No trial rooms there, simply tried it on the streets and even though the largest size available was slightly tight, decided to buy it and convinced myself of loosing some weight before the wedding – well that is the plan, not sure if I will stick to it though??!

Next was a visit to a Jewellery store, a place Nita and mum enjoyed!

Around 4:30pm, we were all done and returned back to Navsari.

Dad was surprised to see us back in Navsari during daylight, all our previous visits to Surat always had our return post dinner – this was a good change 👍.

Coming early allowed us to quickly go out to enjoy Neha & Pooja’s favourite chaat wala – Raju Samosa!

This place is sooo amazing, Pani Puri to die for and the Serv Puri was wow!! Chaat fix done, now for a quick walk through the bazaar.

On the return leg to home, Nita wanted to stop by at her Aji’s place – it was a good thing, we met up with her Masi and Masa from Toronto and Rupal Masi and her daughters!

Whilst there, got to try some fresh bhajiya that Rupal & Vanita masi had made. Was nice catching up with them all, tomorrow Rupal masi and family were heading back to Mumbai.

Got home and saw Doc and family arriving next door to his Aji’s home, and just then we could hear a load wedding procession going through the streets near by, we all ran there and danced a bit in that “Baraat” – no idea whose Baraat it was but who cares!!

Doc then forced me to come over to his Aji’s place for some drinks. Was good just chatting with Doc, Tina, Pushpa kaki and Doc’s Aji – she is super nice, still remember the first time we came with kids, our first meal was at his Aji’s place and my girls so loved it – something’s you just do not forget!

Got home soon after and mum and Nita had finished cooking dinner – fish was on the menu – yumm.

Around 9pm, the fire truck came by to refill our water tank – the joy of Navsari and its water problems 😬.

It was then time to call it a night – tomorrow we could sleep in, no rush!

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