Day 31– Jaipur (8th Jan)

A crisp cold morning in Jaipur! Today was a visit to the Amer Fort and ride the Elephants to the fort.
First to get the girls up, down to breakfast and on the way to Amer fort. The Elephant ride only occurs during the early morning hours till about 10:30am, post that it is too hot for the Elephants to go up.

Along the way we passed Jal Mahal, in Man Sagar Lake. What a sight, the Mahal surrounded by the morning mist! Quick stopover for a pic of the Mahal.

(Jal Mahal)

Back in the car, another 15 minutes or so, and we got our first view of the magnificent Amer Fort!!

(Amer Fort)

The driver dropped us off near the Elephant area and told us he would meet us on the top at the fort. Into the Elephant ride queue, each Elephant could carry 2 persons, costing 1000 INR per Elephant. The place was packed, lots of tourists and a LOT of ELEPHANTS!!


Unlike other places where things were chaotic, this was very well organised, Elephants were coming over in an orderly manner collecting the next guest and moving up. Pooja decided she wanted to travel with me, Neha was with Nita. Whilst in the queue, we were being haggled to purchase turbans, umbrellas and other local souvenirs, ended up getting two colourful umbrellas – why not!! The queue led to a raised platform which was in line with the height of the Elephants, great system, made it very easy to get on them. First were Neha and Nita, on the second Elephant me and Pooja followed.



The ride to the top was nice, was interesting seeing the giant sized droppings from the Elephants, all along the path. Reached the top and it was a similar raised platform where we got off, nicely done.

It was then finding a guide to walk us through the fort – in hindsight, I could have done without it.
Walking through the fort, it was now time for a lot of pics.

(above two pics at the spot where Sri Devi gives her speech during the last scene of Lamhe)

(at the Sheesh mahal – a lot of mirrors everywhere!)



We were at the end, unfortunately there was no way to go back in, we wanted to simply walk around the place and enjoy it a bit more – which was not possible with the guide ushering us along, it was too much effort to argue and go back in the fort, decided to keep heading out, found our driver and headed back to the hotel.

At the hotel, to the restaurant for lunch, ordered the VEG lasagne, Pasta & Fish n Chips. Unfortunately the pasta and lasagne was below par Sad smile, would not recommend these menu items!! Time to hit the room and rest, that evening we had decided to go back to the City Palace, Baradari Cafe for Dinner. Nothing like a good afternoon siesta for all.

Around 6pm, we called an OLA and headed to the City Palace, it was quite chilly, temperature felt like it was close to single digit!

Arrived at Baradari Cafe – this place is even better in the evening – wow!!  We were seated under the stars, but soon the cold forced us under covers which was far more comfortable.


We ordered the Pasta (again), Paneer curry, and the Keema Eggs Benedict! Food was all wow, especially the Keema Eggs Benedict – so so recommended! We ended up ordering another round of the Keema Eggs Benedict – it was soo good.


Highly Recommended – eating at the Baradari Cafe @ City Palace and try the Keema Eggs Benedict, simply mind blowing.IMG_E0084

It had a been a great finish to Jaipur, the dinner night had been amazing, everyone, including the kids had enjoyed it. Headed back to the Hotel for an early night, tomorrow we had to catch a flight to Ahmedabad.


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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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