Day 29–Udaipur/Jaipur (6th Jan)

Today we were flying out to Jaipur, flight was originally @ 10am, but we were informed of a change and now it was at 5.30pm, had the whole day to roam or laze about! Kids wanted to sleep in from the late night yesterday – why not, me and Nita decided to head out and see the markets. Before leaving, organised with the Hotel reception for a car to take us to the airport @ 3pm.

We got back to the hotel just after midday, kids had already ordered room service!! We headed down to the hotel restaurant where Nita organised a kitchdi for me – my mouth was now much better, still unable to take on spicy foods but solids were no longer impossible to eat.

Just before 3pm, we were down at the lobby waiting for our transport to the airport, minutes ticked by and no car. Reception had no answer, and kept saying it will be here soon. Was around 3.30 when the car finally arrived! When in India, if you are organising transport etc, make sure you allow yourself an additional hour – it is rare to find people who value time! Sad smile.

Arrived at the airport, check in process was without issues, a short wait for the flight to arrive and soon we were boarded and on the way to Jaipur.


Arrived in Jaipur, and our pickup driver no where to be seen! A call to the hotel only to be told he was on the way! Another example of the value of time in India!! Driver arrived soon after, we were on our way to the Hotel. We were staying at the Fortune Select Metropolitan Hotel.

Arrived at the hotel, very clean foyer and professional entry staff – check in process was quick however there were no interconnecting rooms for us Sad smile. The manager said he would try and arrange something the next day. No point stressing about it now, it was time to freshen up and head out to catchup with Jaynesh & family @ Dragon House China restaurant. It was our first night in Jaipur and Jaynesh’s last, good opportunity to catch up again.

Got into an OLA and arrived at the Dragon House around 8:30pm.


Food at Dragon House was amazing, delicious, prices were a bit on the steep end, but were not let down on taste/quality. Next were desserts, which were just as good, wow good food here!

Was good to catchup again with Jaynesh & family, lots of laughs from our new years craziness! It was time to farewell them, next time we meet them would be in Brisbane.

Got an OLA back to the hotel, tomorrow was the start of Jaipur sight seeing Smile. Lets hope this time our private car would be on time.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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