Day 15–Surat (23rd Dec)

No sleep in today for anyone, heading to Surat – it was the girls shopping day.

First the morning rituals, put rubbish out by 7:30am, then a quick walk down the street for fresh bread. Was now getting a better feel of the place, still a long way away from getting localised.

(morning snaps)

(morning snaps)

Back home, chance for a relaxed breakfast – our pickup car was coming around 10am, we still had loads of time.

We got lucky with the car, had a 6 seater Innova today, lots of room for the 4 of us!


Drive was just over 45 minutes, lots of farm lands, commercial factories and a few brick plants were spotted along the way. Whilst Navsari is a small town, Surat is a large City, a population of over 4.5 million.
Our first stop was Lal Gate shopping area, plan was to be visit Sonica, Vivah & Paris, the recommended places for ladies shopping and these were the same places we had visited 6 years back!

First stop was Diva – this was the old Sonica, apparently Sonica was rebranded due to new ownership. Maybe we were a bit early, the place was very empty of customers, but a lot of staff. We were guided to the upper levels for Sarees, Pooja loved this place with the ability to lie down on the futons and relax whilst Nita viewed the sarees. The salesman were good and were not bothered with Pooja lying down – it was a bit embarassing but what the hell, atleast she was relaxed and not causing headaches for us with – I am bored!

(Shopping and relaxing @ Diva – Surat)

Lots of Sarees were viewed and lots of trials. It is always fun shopping in India for Sarees, the male salesperson will assist with drapping the Sarees, and at times even wearing it themselves to show to the customers!
Neha was finding this experience very unique and amazing, and felt so blushed when we put her on the pedestal to be draped in a saree!

(Neha being draped in Sarees!)

The guys at Diva ordered us lunch – toasted sandwiches!!! – Indian toasted sandwiches are so good, they were more than happy to order for Pooja her plain toasted cheese sandwich.
tip – if you shopping at these stores, do not bother about going out for lunch, just ask them and they will happily order you the food & drinks, you will save lots of time as well.

Next stop was Vivah, more sarees and dresses to be viewed here. Nita & Neha also found Vivah stocking formal gowns! Great time for more shopping. Both Nita and Neha found something for themselves. Pooja was not interested and bored!

By the time we got out of there, it was close to 4pm, quick stop at Paris and then it was time to head out of Lal Gate.
Next was a visit to the VR Mall, this is the newest and the largest mall in Surat.


Was impressed with the size and the number big brand stores. Being a Saturday evening, and it was super busy!

First it was time for food, headed to the food court, time for a Thali and Indo-Chinese. Pooja opted for McDonalds – this was her first Maccas in this holiday season!


Food was great, now for a look around the place.

Around 7:30 pm, we decided to head back – it had been a long day and all we did was Lal Gate, G-3 and Aso Palav we had not covered. Tomorrow was going to be Surat again, to finish off these two.

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