Day 3–Dubai (11th Dec 2017)

Today we would be visiting the tallest building in the world – “The Burj Khalifa”, top viewing tickets were booked for 10:30am.

Got a taxi from our hotel around 9:30am, more than enough time to find the place without rushing.


Taxi drop off was at the entrance of the Dubai mall, this was BIG. Even better was the giant aquarium in the centre!!


Took us a bit to find the ticketing counter (am glad we left early). We were around 15 mins earlier than our scheduled time of 10:30, not too many people in the mornings, so you can walk straight through (on the way back I did notice a lot of people who had arrived early and were required to wait for their allocated slots!! – tip book an early visit to this place, less crowd and more time to look around)

Then escalators down to walk us thru how this marvel was built and the long walk to the lifts.


These lifts were travelling at 9metres a second. The media presentation inside the lift was nice, but could not match the NY Freedom Tower lift media presentation.
However the view from the top beat all towers hands down!

Lots of pics…



It was then time to select the numerous portraits they had taken of us upon entry and exit…lots to pick from, selected the softcopy option – much better value in my opinion.



Back down on ground level, time to walk around the place and find a place to eat. Nita looked up Eataly, recommended by someone she follows on Instagram, turned out to be a great selection!


We ordered the platter for 2 but it was more then enough for all of us, comes with Antipasto, mini cheese balls, Pizza with 2 flavours & 2 pastas. This was soo good. Something else I noticed, most restaurants do not serve NORMAL bottled water, instead you get the top French/Italian glass bottled range!! Well I drank a LOT of Italian water in this trip.

Nita and Neha wanted to explore the mall more, we decided to split, me and Pooja just walked around, whilst Neha and Nita did what girls do in shopping malls Winking smile.


All caught up again around 3pm, time to hit the aquarium.


Our feet were killing us by the end of this, we had been on the move the entire day. The original plan was to hang around till after 6 to watch the fountains, but we were in no state to walk around more, time for a quick coffee break then back to the hotel, Pooja could not walk any further.

Back at the hotel, kids were back in the room, Nita was in nearby massage place which offered the best neck massage. Time to revive.

Later that evening, Neha & Pooja simply wanted to lie in the beds and not go out, got some takeway for them – there was a Nandos connected to the hotel lobby, which was great for this. Me and Nita decided to head to the UpTown rooftop bar at Jumeirah Beach Hotel, these bars did not allow kids so this was a good opportunity.

What a place the Jumeirah hotel! Took the lift to the 24th floor with a very scary view to the lobby from the top!!


On to the outdoor rooftop bar, we were greeted to an amazing panoramic view of Dubai skyline, and to our left was the amazing Burj Al Arab!!


A nice rooftop bar, with smooth tunes, great drinks, awesome views, food range was however limited but that is not what you are here for!
Highly recommend this place to all, very very good!!

An amazing finish to the day Smile.

Video log of day 3 by Neha.

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