New York–18th May

Most of the sights were now done, today was a leisurely walk down 5th Ave. The tour guides had highlighted this street as a must walk, with lots to see. During the tour yesterday we had noticed a good coffee shop in the vicinity of 56th st, decided to start our day from there, breakfast pastry at Tisserie – 7th Ave between 56 & 55th st.
Walking past Times Square, good opportunity for some more pics!

Made our way to 7th Ave to the Tisserie Bakery place. The pastries and coffees were both very good here. One problem I have found in NY or US for that matter, is finding good breakfast that we are so used to from back in AUS. Breakfast here seems to be massive, greasy and just not that nicely put together.
What we did find was the amazing pastries, these were better than back home, and we made that our breakfast start!


Refuelled, now off to 5th Ave, it was time to explore the place, and the best way to do that was on foot!

Passed some interesting streets and even more interesting eating places. We were quite a way from Times Square, and here the eating out places were where locals went – the GOOD places!
Found one such place , on 57th st, between 6th and 5th ave – Mangia. The place inside had everything to eat, the front had a coffee area with pastries and ready to go subs/sandwiches, walk further in and there was big buffet serving area, then further on the sides were a-la-carte – Italian, Mexican etc, and the place was busy – it was 12:30, and locals were getting in for lunch. We grabbed a coffee and another pastry, had to try at all these places! Coffees on this side of town was soo much better than near Times Square!

Finally made it onto 5th Ave, now to walk all the way down!

It was already past 2pm and we had only managed to the 40th st, still a long way to go. Time for a lunch break, opened up YELP and located a highly rated Schezuan place just around the corner. We were there in less than 5 minutes – was so nice to take a seat, legs were in need of much required rest!

Ordered their KangPao and Chilli Garlic Chicken, unfortunately food was not as good as we had expected, Nita only had a small bit – well you cannot always win Sad smile.

Back on the street, more street scape to take in, it was around 5:30pm before we reached Union Square. Noticed a Max Brenner around the corner! Time for a much needed rest.

Unlike the Max Brenner in AUS, this place served proper food as well as the chocolate fix. Ordered a Chicken Pesto Pizza, Nita had a much needed mocha, I settled for a coke. Food here was very good, very impressed with them.

Legs got some much needed rest, it was now close to 6:30pm, headed out and down to the Union Sq subway station, took the yellow line to High St Brooklyn. Nita wanted to visit the scene from Kal Ho Na Ho, where they are looking onto Manhattan skyline. This was a small park beneath the Brooklyn Bridge on Brooklyn side.

Getting out from High St station, it was only a short walk to the park we wanted. Passed some amazing Brick Oven pizza places with long queues. Made a note of these, hopefully I could make it there.

Finally made it to the place where Nita wanted to visit, yep the same location as in the movie Kal Ho Na Ho! This place did provide a lovely view of the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan.

A very nice vantage point to see Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, highly recommended.

Great spot to view Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge
Great spot to view Manhattan skyline and the Brooklyn Bridge


Finished off after 8:30pm, got the subway back to Times Square (42nd St). Did not feel like dinner due to the late Pizza at Max Brenner.  Decided to do takeout Cheesecake from Juniors and simply relax in our room.

Pizza cafe – NY style!

Had been a long day – feet were killing us but we had covered lots today! Time to enjoy the cheesecake.
Tomorrow was a visit to Queens, chance to see a different side of NY Surprised smile.

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