Sydney Day 6 – 8th Dec

Last full day in Sydney, today the plan was to have brunch near the Opera House.

Around 10:40 we all took the ferry from Pyrmont Bay to Circular Quay. Nothing beats the Sydney Harbour views – they are simply amazing!


Arrived at Circular Quay, first stop was the Opera Bar, unfortunately this place only served light and simple options, nothing FANCY! Moved onto to a couple more and finally settled on the Sydney Cove Oyster Bar. The view was breathtaking, seated next to the harbour viewing both the Harbour Bridge and Opera House. However the food did not live up to it.
Either we were jinxed or this must be the norm – if the place has views, do not expect good food!


Post breakfast, it was time for more pics at the Opera house, could never get enough of that place!

Ladies decided to head off to Pitt St mall, me and Vik guided the kids on the same route but at a very slow pace.

Had only moved around 200 metres and Vik spotted Jacksons on George, a Pub he used to visit. Quick stop over over a couple of pints whilst the kids enjoyed the pubs hot chips.

Next was a stop over at the Apple store, this place did put some life back into the kids!!  Then it was onto Pitt st, Pooja and Neha wanted to show Aaria the Microsoft Surface Hub. More playtime with technologies.


It was around 3pm we caught up with the ladies, Meeta took Aaria up to Myers for a promised toy, this also prompted Pooja to show me the most innocent pleading face – “please papa can I have one more toy!!” So came my fourth visit to the Myers toy section in these holidays – this must be the holiday Tax when travelling with kids Smile with tongue out.

It was now time for a late lunch, Ladies took us to the level 4 Food court at the Westfield Tower Shopping Centre. They had been raving about it and how classy it was. Well they were not wrong, this was unlike the normal food courts, very nice food outlets – more like dine-in restaurants and the decor was top notch.


Pooja had her favourite – sushi, we had our favourite for this trip – Din Tai Fung! Those dim sim’s are sooooo good! The place also catered for yummy desserts, the Lemon Tart and Coconut vanilla gelato were a good post lunch fix!

From there Vik and I escorted the kids back to the hotel, ladies were still not done with their shopping, making the most of the last day.

To make the most of the last night, decided to first get dinner for kids and settle them in the rooms – they can all be together and we could go out for a few drinks/dinner.

Around 7:30, we took the kids to the Darling Harbour mall for their McDonalds fix, along the way one final opportunity to make the most of the Pyrmont Bridge memories = more pics.

Back at the hotel, kids were all in Vik’s room, they were looking forward to the night – more playtime for them Smile.

By the time we left the hotel it was already 9pm. Across the Pyrmont Bridge to Cockle Bay Wharf,  unfortunately being a Tuesday night, most of the kitchens were closed Sad smile. Headed around to the harbourside and got lucky at Cyren Bar – they were doing Pizza’s. Time to settle down with drinks, enjoy the views and relieve our trip!

The Pizza’s were the best we have had, especially Chipotle Pepper Chicken – amazing!

Tomorrow is the long drive back to Brisbane, Sydney you will be missed heaps!

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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  1. neha kalyan says:

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    Last day… 😦
    Went Sydney Opera House 🙂
    Ate at Din Tai Fung …. yummy!!!
    Pyrmont Bridge….last walk on bridge. 😦

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