Sydney Day 3 – 5th Dec

Another late start to the morning. Headed out to QVB again for brunch, this time trying M cafe on the ground floor.

(M Cafe, not as good as the Tea Room, ok for light snacks not for breakfast).

Back to the Pitt st mall, Neha and Pooja were interested in Sephora!


Next a visit to the Martins place, Lindt cafe, location of the 2014 hostage crisis.

(the concrete was too hot, however they improvised)

Lindt cafe was the next stop, very surreal to be seated in here where hostage crisis took place. Being a very open cafe, there wasn’t really anywhere for people to hide.
Back to the present, we were now here to enjoy the Lindt offerings.

Nita was still a bit unsettled from being here, she was not able to get over what the trapped customers and staff would have felt like during the crisis.

Now for the long walk back to the hotel.

Lindt to Hotel

Finally made it to the hotel and crashed we all did. Around 6:30pm, we took kids down to the food court for more Din Tai Fu and Sushi for Pooja.

Along the way, saw the giant Xmas ball had now been erected.


Neha ordered the Dumplings from Din Tai Fu and was she enjoying them! Also ordered their Signature Egg fried rice as an early snack. Pooja was sticking to her trusted Prawn sushi.

Settled the kids back in the room around 7:30, now for the adults to head to the Sky Terrace and enjoy the night.

SkyTerrace at the Star is very cool, got a 180 degree view of the Sydney skyline!


Few drinks there, time to head to Cockle Bay Wharf. Loads of people at the Harbour tonight.

(Cockle Bay Wharf – Darling Harbour)

Settled in at Nicks seafood cafe, and ordered the Lobster Pasta to share with extra garlic and chilli – and did they put extra in it – very very yummy pasta! However the highlight of the night was the dessert recommended by the wait staff – “THE HEAVENLY CRUNCH”, Tiramisu accompanied by Snickers infused Vanilla ice-cream and macaroons. This was heavenly delicious.

(best dessert to date – The Heavenly crunch at Nicks Seafood, Cockle Bay Wharf)

Pleasant walk back to the hotel over the Pyrmont bridge, weather was perfect, so good to be out and about without the kids whinging.


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  1. neha kalyan says:

    Reblogged this on Neha Kalyan and commented:
    Went for extra shopping and QVB brunch again. 🙂
    Did not like sephora’s naughty men there. 😦 😦 😦 😡
    Yum yum lindt cafe. 😉 ❤

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