Day 6 (31/3)– SF Shopping & Dinner with Nickesh

Our last full day in San Francisco,  today the ladies joined us for the morning walk, another glorious cold morning.



Morning walk ended at Pier 39, time for Breakfast @ Eagles Café, the food was great but the serving sizes were enormous, we could have shared a plate between two! Americans love their big meals.


Back at the hotel, kids were just waking up, Pooja and Neha were already whinging about the amount of walking being done, the cold weather and walking was exhausting for them, Pooja was also showing signs of flu with a slight temperature, she was in no mood to go out, and wanted to stay in the hotel and play with her new Disney dolls.

(washing up time)

Decided to let kids stay in, Nita & Meeta headed off to Union Square by themselves to cover off the remaining shopping, this time they used the street cars to get to Union Square, apparently much easier than cable cars, much less crowd! Me and Vik were on kids duties, made sure they had a good lunch, were all in good mood. Kids wanted to stay@ the hotel today, left them all in our room except for Aaria, she wanted her mum. Kids did have a mobile so we could stay in touch with them. They were having a ball at the hotel, playing games, watching TV and NO WALKING!!!
Me, Vik and Aaria headed off to Union Square later on to catch-up with the ladies.

Met up with them at our fav location – Cheesecake factory, since we had a big breakfast this morning, decided to skip lunch and go direct for desserts @ around 3pm.

(cheesecakes for lunch @ The Cheesecake Factory)

Evening plan was meeting up Nickesh, Hinal, Jay and Reena @ DOSA. We had asked him to take us to a good Indian restaurant.
Back at the hotel, Pooja still had a slight temperature, loaded her with more drugs, got all sorted and headed out. Google was godsend on my iPhone, had worked out from that our best route to take to get to the DOSA place @ Fillmore. Utilising our MUNI pass, we used the local bus with one changeover and were at the place in around 40 minutes.

I was expecting a CHAAT place (from the DOSA name), but it was something totally different, Nickesh had selected something to surprise us. The ambience was unlike any other indian restaurant. Very classy, top service and brilliant food. These guys made spicy food without us requesting it, and it was amazing!


We had some amazing dishes, including Shikampuri Kebab Sliders, Hyderbadi Lamb Chops, Prawn Masala, Peppercorn Chicken & Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani – all mouth watering dishes. We were enjoying the food and the company so much that we did not realise Nickesh had already paid the bill, me and Vik were not too impressed with ourselves! It was a wonderful and memorable final night for us in SF. Had the best time with my Kalyan US cousins/spouses, thanks Nickesh for a great night!

Back to the hotel to pack up for tomorrows flight to Vegas.

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Have always loved travelling and will continue to pursue this love. Favourite Travel quotes: “Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine
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