Day 25 Mumbai 26th Dec

First day in Mumbai, we woke up around 10 am – very late, by the time we had shower and were out of the room, it was close to 11:30 am. Took a taxi to Cafe Mocha @ Nariman Point. Mumbai now seems soo much cleaner than what it was 5 yrs back. Found the place fine. Luckily they had all day breakfast, ordered pancakes, waffles, and an omelette. Coffees were great there, however the service was very slow.


Got out of there, around 1pm, was getting a bit hot outside, decided to head to the nearby INOX cinemas, wanted to watch Don 2 – on our last trip 5 years back, we watched Don (it had only just got released then), this time around Don 2 got released – what coincidence!! Got tickets to the 1:45 session, headed up to the Spoon Mega Food Court in the same complex – what great variety and a unique payment system – get a swipe card at the front desk and load it with any amount, then order from anywhere in the food court, the bill gets deducted from your swipe card! (At the end, return your swipe card @ front desk and get balance back)
We were really there for the GELATOs, had a great range of that. The food court in itself is big – well big in variety and cuisines!!

(Spoon foodcourt @ CR2 Nariman Point )

(Neha and Pooja enjoying their ice-creams)

The INOX cinemas here are awesome!! Very posh and classy. And service was 5 star – during the interval, attendants were around to take orders for snacks/drinks, we ordered a pizza and drink, they were delivered to us – did not have get up from the seat at all (only if they could have something similar for the bathroom!!)
Don 2 was much better than Don 1, however since I am not a great fan of SRK, did not enjoy it that much – kids on the other hand had a great time.

By the time we got out, it was close to 4 pm, much cooler than when we went in. Headed to Gateway of India.
DSC02331 DSC02351

(look we are bigger than gateway of india!!)

Gateway of India was crowded, lots of people around, however with the afternoon cool weather, it was very pleasant.


(Neha and Pooja managed to find someone selling toys to make bubbles, time to play)

Had to of course have a horse carriage ride, however it was a very short ride – got totally ripped off!!

(horse driven carriage, kids ready for the ride)

Next stop was Colaba Causeway, just browsing thru all the street stalls – picked up 2 shawls for the kids, it was getting a bit windy.
This was one place where we did find some XMAS spirit …
(on Colaba causeway – one place where we did fine some real XMAS deco)

Kids were now getting tired – complaining of tired legs, another big problem – Neha needed to go to the loo quick, spotted a McDonalds close by, Light bulbgreat can feed Pooja there and Neha can go to the loo Smile, unfortunately life isn’t always that easy! The toilet in McDonalds was broken and the other in the mall attached was in a shocking condition – Neha so far had been able to adjust to bad toilets, however this must have been real bad, she came out crying and almost threw up… needed to find something quick. Bought Pooja’s nuggets and out we went looking for a good place to eat (they would hopefully have a good washroom) – spotted Delhi Darbar, looked ok so went in, Neha headed straight to the bathrooms – she came out smiling after a couple of minutes – thank god, now I could order some food!
Food was nice (ordered Chinese), also ordered “Duddi ka halwa” to try out, green in colour and tastes damn good. Pooja avoided it, however Neha joined us and dug in – very tasty

(Neha digging into “duddi ka halwa” @ Delhi Darbar – Colaba causeway)

Before leaving Delhi Dabar, had to ensure kids had visited the washrooms – empty those tanks!

Next stop – an old favourite @ Nariman Point – Ruby Tuesday (next to INOX cinemas), they have good Chocolate desserts – and I also wanted to have a kingfisher (Delhi Darbar had no liquor).

Ordered a Tall Cake for the kids and Nita and I had a strawberry cheesecake – not forgetting my Kingfisher – my first beer in over a week, felt sooooo good – nice chilled Kingfisher!

(Chocolate Tall Cake @ Ruby Tuesday – Kids loved it)

Took a walk from there to Marine Drive, had to take a walk on the famous Mumbai Golden Necklace. Weather was slightly cool – the shawls we had bought @ Colaba came in good use here. Lots of people taking a stroll and chilling about.
(@ marine drive – (golden necklace), kids had to buy some night glow in the dark stuff from street sellers!)

It was getting close to 10 pm, got a taxi back to Gulistan and hit the sack! We all had a good long day first day in Mumbai.

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